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Isuzu Rodeo Heater Problems

I have a 1992 Rodeo LS $x$ V6 3.1. My heater worked fine last year, but when it got cold this winter and I turn it on it only blows cold air. I was told there was a control valve that lets coolant from the engine into the heater core and that it may be malfunctioning. Does anyone out there know if this valve exists in the 1992 model, and if it does if it's turned on by a cable or electronically?
I'm in poor health and it's the only vehicle I have. Any help that points me in the right direction in getting this fixed even in the short term until I can afford to get it to a shop would be graciously appreciated.


  • Isuzu Rodeo 2000 4wh.
    The blower fan is not working? I tried a new blower motor and that didn't work. All fuses seem to be ok. When it did go out there was a burning smell from the dash.
  • csoercsoer Posts: 1
    Yeah, I had the same thing. Seems that the fan got too much use and the fuse didn't blow like it should have, so it actually burned the ground wire out. My solution (really not recommended) was to hardwire from the battery (both power and ground) with an inline fuse.
  • my AC fan only works when I am moving. standing still it doesn't cool.
  • I just need to know where the control valve is that lets engine coolant into the heater core and I can take it from there. I suspect it's under the dash because I can see where the two hoses come off of the engine and trace them to where they go into the car and there's no interruption. I'm disabled and knowing where this valve is will save me a lot of physical pain in correcting my problem.
    Thanks in advance
  • maloprmalopr Posts: 14
    Have you replaced the thermostat, Maybe thermostat is stuck. Also check your heater hoses at the firewall to see if they are hot. Maybe a blockage in the hoses or heater core.
  • Thermostat is new. With hoses with engine hot one hose is warm while the other is cold which seems to reveal coolant isn't getting circulated through the heater core. Which means it's either the control valve or the core itself. Since the valve is cheaper to replace and, the possibility exists it can be bypassed (at least for the duration of cold weather) it would be wise to find and check this first. I just need to know where it is and, if this could be causing my heater to blow only cold air.
    Thx for your reply
  • maloprmalopr Posts: 14
    Since you day that one hose is warm and the other cold might indicate a blockage. so try this: detache the hoses and back flush the heater core with a water hose. If the heater core is clear but circulation is impeded, remove the two hoses and flush them out with a water hose. if there is a blockage and the flushing fails to remove the blockage then you have to replace the heater core.
    Here is some info on the heater control valve:
    Heater Water Control Valve
    On early models the heater control valve was part of the heater core inlet. To replace the control valve, remove the heater core. Remove the control valve from the heater core, being careful not to damage the core. Use new gaskets when installing new valves.

    The remainder of the vehicles are not equipped with heater water control valves. They use heater unit doors to regulate the amount of heat entering the vehicle.
  • Thanks, this is just the information I needed. I thought it was up under the dash by the core because I couldn't find it under the hood. I'll post once I get to all of this and check things out as you've described. May be a few days though because I have a few places I must go in the next two days but after that I'll have the time.
    Again thanks
  • The backflush worked and I have heat again. Can't thank you enough as this was a no cost fix!
  • My girlfriend also has an '02 Rodeo, which also has blower fan issues. When running it doesn't work, thus no a/c right now. ~Bill
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