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Over the past 3 weeks hundreds of 2009 pathfinders have hit lots over the north east of the US. I have heard from dealers that these pathfinders are from the midwest, Montana or Mizzu. These cars look like they are in really good shape and i woulds like to purchase 1.

I am a touch concerned with the amount of pathfinders that are available. They seem to run from 8-30k and range in price from 21995- 27995. Has any1 else come accross this same issue and if so what are the prices you are finding and where is your region in the US?

Any Insight on this matter would be greatly appreiciated.


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    Your gut feeling may be right - the first question to ask is why so many are hitting your area so suddenly.

    Are they flood damaged cars? Have the titles been washed to hide that kind of problem? Does a CarFax or other history report show anything? Anything in the dealer computer maintenance records (via a VIN search). Or have they never been titled and are just leftovers that Nissan or the dealers couldn't sell?

    Or maybe someone just hit the western auto auctions and picked up a bunch of the to sell during snow season.

    If there's nothing obvious on the VIN searches, and your mechanic ok's the car, then maybe you can get a deal.
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    one of my questions is if these were rentals why would a rental car company buy loaded up models w/ roofs and leather? This is not a common practice for rental car companies. I just spoke w/ a dealer in north Jersey and they said they had a few coming from Fl.

    Any Idea of the auction company in the midwest or Fl that would handle cars in this kind of volume. I want to pull the trigger but not until I find out where all these Pathfinders are coming from and why.

    A local dealer has 5 coming in and they have been on there website for a week but the actual vehicle has not hit the ground yet. Kinda weird I think, but the price seems fair
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    i JUST bought a brand new (57 miles) red brick metallic SE ( no moonroof) sticker was $33,525....marked down to $27,425....the last brand new '09 anywhere in the midwest i think !

    loaded wit 6 disc,running boards,7" screen/radio in dash...fog lights, etc...

    i think i got a great deal as some used '09's with miles in the 19-21k range are going for $24k-$28k ! i drove a nave blue SE ( same as mine,but had a moonroof) and they wanted $26,325 ! it was a no brainer to buy the new red one with no moonroof and 19k less miles for not much more........

    i got HOSED on my trade though....a 2008 Saturn Vue AWD....not worth more than 12k due to saturn going away....

    every used '09 i have seen...and looked at the carfaxes...were ALL rentals ! i am SO glad i found a brand spankin new RED one !
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