Mazda CX-7 EGR valve

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Had to have diagnosis done due to engine light repeatedly coming on. Turned out to be EGR valve replacement. Disappointed to learn not covered under warranty.
Anyone with similiar experience or comment on this?
Thank you, Vic


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    This may be related: Mazda Millenia EGR problem

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    "..not covered under warranty.."

    Not bloody likely...
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    Just discovered yesterday that Mazda does not cover the EGR on the 2007 model but it does cover the EGR on the 2008 model and up. This part is covered based on the adoption of other states using the California emissions standard. Using this standard allows the EGR valve to be covered for 60 or 80,000 miles. My dealer was not aware of this but another dealer and Mazda USA both confirmed this to be true.
    Sorry to hear that the 2007 is not covered. :-(
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    Had the same problem on my 2007 CX7. I paid what seemed to be way too much to have it replaced. Just found this site and now I'm getting concerned about the long-term reliability of my CX-7. I just had another issue - the sunroof exploded for no apparent reason as we were driving at moderate speeds. I'll post that separately.
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    Had the same issue with my 2007 in October 2010! Mazda dealership quoted me $700 for the repair! And since I had just spend $4500 to replace my out of warranty engine because of the timing chain busting (Mazda did manage to cough up $2500 since I had maintenance records) I decided to get a second opinion. Took it to a mechanic a friend recommended and he quoted me $250 for same repair! It's gets better! When he removed the old EGR valve he found it just needed to be cleaned, not replaced. Total bill was $110. Gotta love the dealership...I am just sorry I didn't see this post sooner.
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    Just had my egr replace 800+ $ not happy at all, dealership claims they need to be replaced no way to clean them,, I have a 2007 cx-7 that I bought in 2006, still under 70k for milage and am finding the repairs are starting to add up Dealership is no help seems like everytime one thing is fixed something else breaks???
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    Hi Legs3,

    Did you review my post above?
    The EGR replacement is covered on 2007's under the engine warranty.
    If your 2007 CX-7 is still covered by the engine/ power train warranty they will need to reimburse you for this repair. It should not be out of pocket. Mazda USA can confirm this. You need to be explicit and state that it's covered on the 2007 models and not 2008's or later.

    Let us know if you get this resolved.

    If you don't get it resolved and you need more help I can share more information regarding my repair experience.
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    Your original post shows that a 07 is not covered but 08 and later is. Now you are saying a 07 is covered? I called Mazda the last week of 2011 since an engine light showed I needed to replace the EGR valve at 45K, and they told me it was not covered under the powertrain warranty. Please share any more info you have. Thanks.
  • MyRide18902MyRide18902 Member Posts: 3
    My Mistake.
    My fist post was correct. It's been a while since I had this issue resolved by the dealer for free.

    2007 was not covered. 2008 and up are covered via the California emissions standard.

    I had to call 3 dealers to determine if this was covered. Apparently not all Mazda techs know how to use the Mazda system to check the coverage for these issues.
  • sbmazdasbmazda Member Posts: 8
    Thanks again. I read this forum often so when I read 07 was covered I thought maybe Mazda got me!
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    I don't know what to do my 2007 Mazda CX-7 just stopped running yesterday on my way to work. There were no warning lights that came on it just stopped...a mechanic said the engine is blown....but after reading some of your problems I'm just not sure. Mazda said they will check it for free and it seems strange that this would happen unless it hasn't been kept up with. Though earlier this year we received a recall notice but I haven't been able to find it...someone have any suggestions....please. nyc1626
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    Regardless of whatever else you do, DO NOT tell the dealer that you recieved/ignored a recall notice..!!
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    I feel your pain. My 2007 Mazda CX7 experienced the exact same problem about a month ago at almost 80K mi. The vehicle is still in the shop having the engine and turbo replaced. My problem was caused by the infamous VVT actuator pin failure allowing the timing to slip, thus damaging the engine beyond repair. I bought the car used at 40K mi and fortunately had read up on the possible issues w/ the turbo and AC compressor and decided that an extended warranty would be a good investment with this vehicle. Didn't expect total engine failure, but I'm grateful I had decided to pay the extra $22/month for the third party warranty. Thankfully all repairs are being covered under my zero deductible coverage! The engine arrived last week and today they determined that the turbo will also need to be replaced and that part was approved for replacement as well. I'm hoping you have extended coverage on your vehicle too. Good luck!
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    Hey man, just read your post about a simple cleaning of the EGR valve instead of replacing it. Did this take care of it since then, or did the light come back on. Also, any suggestions on the cleaning technique? Thanks man.
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    Yes, the cleaning has fixed the problem and the light has not come back on. As far as the cleaning technique I have no idea as the mechanic did it for us. As far as I know it was when he removed the part to replace it that he discovered it only needed to be cleaned. Sorry I can't be of more help.
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    Please note that MyRide18902 is correct, brought my 2008 Mazda CX7 to the dealers today because the check engine light has been on. After agreeing to the $150 inspection charge, they came back to tell me that they need to replace the EGR vale and would cost me $800.

    After finding this post on the internet, and looking at the Emission Standard, I went back to the service representative and he still stated it was not covered for my car.

    I had to call another dealership to find out from their service reps that it WAS covered. Only then would the serivce rep talk to his manager.

    Lesson learned, the service reps at Galpin Mazda (15430 Roscoe Blvd, Van Nuys) are un-trust worthy and greedy. Will not go back to that dealership again.
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    Probably would be a good idea to tell Mazda about your experience.

    And please write a review here:

    Dealer Ratings and Reviews
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    Could you please let me know where you get your extended warranty. I am looking for extended warranty but it is difficult to find one that is trustworthy.

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    "... Lesson learned, the service reps at Galpin Mazda (15430 Roscoe Blvd, Van Nuys) are un-trust worthy and greedy. Will not go back to that dealership again. "

    Pretty strange, since the dealer doesn't pay for warranty repairs, so far as I know; the manufacturer does.

    I bought by 2008 FEH from Galpin, and it has always been serviced there. Except for one time when they took too long, I have had nothing but good luck with them. Maybe the Mazda folks are different...
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    get rid of your car now, i had similar problems with turbo, vvt, timing chain, fuel injectors, misfiring in all pistons, electrical problems. My list goes on, i gave up at 77k, when i was told to dump more money into this car...
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    Hi everyone

    I see this is an old post but I’m trying to help a friend with a cx 7 2.3 liter turbo 2009 model. He is having an egr valve leeking problem. No lights had come on yet. At the dealership told him, as to many of u that I see, to replace it at 900€. Any suggestions??? I see there is a cleaning procces that could be done....
    Thank u!!!
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    I just brought my CX 7 in to have the EGR valve fixed, they tried flushing to fix it did not work new EGR $750.00 plus $ 249 to have the flush done even thou did not work, now it idles rough when at stop lights almost to a stall have to wait 1 week for them to order valve, really fustrating. Anyone's input greatly appreciated. Thanks
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