2006 Chrysler town and country brakes

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I have a 2006 town and country that was making a bit of noise from the front brakes. I turned the rotors and put new pads on. While the vehicle stops great it now makes a clicking sound when stopping. The clicking slows down as the vehicle slows. No noise if coasting to a stop. Any suggestions? I've torn it apart and reassembled with no change in the problem.


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    I am looking for the min thickness specs on the pads and rotors for the 2005 Town and Country Van.

    Also any info on replacing the rotors and pads as well as recommended parts suppliers.

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    The minimum thickness for the rotor should be stamped on it's side.

    Pads usually have a wear indicator that starts rubbing against the rotor, making a high pitched screeching sound when the pads get low.

    I usually buy my parts on line, RockAuto.com is a favorite.
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    yep, I know this but I was looking for some numbers on both prior to taking the
    tires off and measuring.

    Have you done the brakes and rotors on a T&C van?
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    Did the front pads on our 2007 Grand Caravan, and did rotors (once) and pads (several times) on our earlier '94 Caravan. Pretty straightforward, IIRC.
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