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A Possessed 2003 Lincoln LS v8

ron0115ron0115 Member Posts: 1
edited June 2014 in Lincoln
Here is a discriptions of the problem that my LS is showing. Shortly after starting the car, the ABS Warming light comes on, followed by the AdvanceTrac Warning light. The message center states to "Check AdvanceTrac", Car is equipped with the Navigation system, and while vehicle is sitting still, the Nav system thinks and shows the vehicle moving. Also, the radio is equipped with speed sensitive volume and the volume continues to increase and decrease in volume, all while setting still. Once the vehicle's brake warning light came on and the message center displayed "engine safe mode and it felt like the car lost power steering ( I believe the car is also equipped with speed sensitive streering). Mechanic has checked and the only codes logged are that none of the ABS wheel sensors are operational, no other codes or faults logged. Since this is all started at the same time, I am thinking that the problem must be related to some common point where all these systems are controlled or receive some data, such as a vehicle speed sensor or control module? Has anyone experieced this before and if so, what was the fix?


  • bethybbethyb Member Posts: 2
    My car was going into fail safe mode at times and would show over heating on other occasions, my Lincoln mechanic attributed it all to my coil packs. He changed 6 of them initially under warranty, then the last 2 once they went bad. Had no problems since they were replaced, besides transmission issues. :(
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