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Grand Cherokee battery runs flat after 2 weeks

When I leave my 96 Jeep for more than 2 weeks, I find the battery completely flat. Charge it and everything is OK. It has been like that since I bought the car a year ago.
No other symptoms and the car runs perfectly.
I bought a new heavy duty battery thinking that was the problem, but still the same.
Any Ideas what is still active when the car is parked?


  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    It may be that your alternator is not providing adequate charge to the the battery so it can't handle the small drain caused by clocks, radio, computers or whatever over the course of two weeks.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    need to get a cheap amp meter and hook it up between the battery and battery cable to see how much draw you have then start to remove fuses one at a time see if amps drop if not replace fuse and do next one till find one that drops to zero that is the circuit you have to check out more could be glove compartment light or such
  • mfebusmfebus Posts: 2
    if theres an auto zone near by they can check it for free
  • If you haven't found your problem, look into this: My 95 was the same way and one day I got under the back seat and the "infinity" stereo amp was hot. I hadn't started the car in a while and the keys weren't even in it. The amp was staying on constantly. I know there are other solutions to this but it helped me decide to go ahead and put another sound system in.
  • Thanks for the replies, it appears that my problem is also the audio power amp (I have the original 'infinity' amp and Jeep 6 CD unit).
    When I have time I will just add a power relay and drive it from the electric aerial output of the radio, hopefully that will cure it.
  • fixed this when io loosened BOTH torx screws on ECM computer 'cover'.....[on firewall pass side in engine compartment]

    screws are right below wire plugs kinda in the middle.

    must remove reservoir to get to outside one.

    i loosened these per a suggestion here[from someone who found this----screws are too long n short something out[inside ECM] ---after years].....

    this was to solve stalling problem.

    WHICH IT ALSO FIXED!!!!!!!!!
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