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Isuzu Rodeo ABS Issues

ruzamruzam Posts: 1
When my 2001 Rodeo stops, I mean just a second before you come to the a stop, the ABS systems goes on. It does not matter if you are doing 60 or pulling into a sparking space at 2MPH. The ABS light is not coming on. The streets are not wet no ice or snow no bumps in the road. Does anyone have any ideas? This just started this morning. seems to be coming from the front end.


  • that it could be a sensor issue. One of the sensors may be losing signal, and reports its wheel as locked up.
  • Hi,
    I am an owner of a 1998 Isuzu Rodeo. I am wondering if you have had any issues with your ABS? My ABS light has been on intermittently since 2004. I found out recently that there had been a recall notice in 2003 to replace the ABS Integrated Coil Module on 1998 and 1999 Rodeos... but only in the United States. I was told by Transport Canada that a recall didn't happen in Canada because no one had problems here with their ABS warning light and increased stopping distances on bumpy roads. I am trying to find others with the same issue. Thanks.
  • Hi everyone - I really need some advice/help please!! I have a 2002 Isuzu Rodeo - just checked by a mechanic and found out it does need new front and rear breaks. Everything else checked out fine except the ABS light will not go off and the mechanic ( who has had no experience with Isuzus - I cant seem to find anyone that does ) pulled the codes and tried everything got it to go off but the minute you start up the truck it goes right back on. He didn't seem to think it had to do with the brakes needing replaced? Maybe a sensor? Has anyone had this problem? Any ideas what it could be? I called a dealership that used to deal with Isuzu's and was told possibly the sensor in the rear ( ring gear? ) could be dirty? Does anyone know how I would try to clean this or even get to it? I have no experience with cars and no money right now so I would appreciate anyones advice - the truck has very low miles and has been taken great care of - thank you in advance for any advice :-)
  • phwtoddphwtodd Posts: 1
    I started the car this afternoon and noticed the ABS light was on and heard a buzzing sound from under the hood...on examination, the sound is coming from the ABS module which is VERY warm to the touch...any ideas?
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