Ford Mustang 06, worst year ever? *PLEASE READ!!! BEWARE FORD MOTOR CO. !!!

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Long story short, I bought a new '06 Mustang GT in September '06. After 6 months the car stalled out, I didn't think anything of it. A few months later, it happened again. This became a more frequent problem happening more often between 30-40 mph. whenever it felt like it. The vehicle went to the dealer several times in '07, I was told by the service manager (a friend of mine who was later let go after 19 years of service at Di Blasi Ford, NY) the '06's had the most mechanical problems. The dealer had already replaced the battery (twice) and the alternator and L/F headlight (water). The Lower Control arms were later replaced after a state inspection found the bushing worn out. I called customer service after the problem was not resolved and became a safety concern to myself and other motorists and pedestrians. Customer service was really nasty. They told the dealer to replace the fuel pump (related problem on the S197's). The vehicle's problem was not solved as I found out 2 months later. I almost rear ended a car on a main road. I decided to trade it in for a used '08 Shelby GT500. 3 days before I was to close on the deal, the belt tore I replaced it and the next day it tore a gain. I replaced the idler and tensioner, it tore again. I took it to another dealer, where they determined that the crank was bad. I lost the deal on the GT500 in February of '09, and the car sat at the dealer for 2 months. The car was back in July for the summer. I got the car back in September. After that I went to NY state district attorneys office which handles the lemon law. (18k or 2yrs. 4 complaints for same not repaired) I was out of the lemon law my car had 20k. I tried every federal, state and government agency. National Highway safety Board, Chuck Schumer everything! Even Caroll Shelby (I guess he's too old to care). I finally decided to take legal action against Ford Motor Company. After 3 months, I was told I could only reach a settlement of $4,000. I declined. If I returned the vehicle to the dealer it ruins your credit and I'd still owe the balance. (I financed a lemon!) How can this happen in America? In 3 years the car has been in the shop for about 1 1/2. At 36K my auto trunk makes noise (has to be replaced) and I still have the same problem stalling out. My friend has a '06 and his transmission is slipping with 40k. My family and I have been Loyal Ford customers over the past 2 decades. My dad owned an old mercury, econoline van and F-150 pickup. My first car was a '88 Bronco 2 and '96 Taurus. I had 4 Mustangs previous to the one I currently own. '94 conv.GT, '89 GT, '95 GT and '00 GT. I told customer service, they didn't give a damn. Everyday, I get on the road I'm endangering everyone they don’t care! I can sympathize with all the family members and friends who lost loved ones in the '90's with the Explorers rolling over, and then blaming Firestone's tires. Ford motor co. Is a blight in the automotive industry. It’s no wonder why people don’t want to buy American cars anymore! This was the worst experience ever, buying my first new car wasn't supposed to go like this. I’m going to trade this lemon in soon back to a Ford dealer and get a Chevy! Goodbye, Ford and thanks for nothing but heartaches and problems! I hope you guys read this closely and beware! You've been warned...


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    If you want people to read about all of your problems, you might want to break your messages up into paragraphs once in awhile.
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    Yeah thanks, any comments on what you just read?
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    I don't understand - If your 06 was a stinker, why would you take a chance on an 08 stinker? :confuse:
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    Sorry you had so many problems with your '06. I have not had any with my '06 GT.
    So if you are asking if it was the worst year ever, my answer is NO !
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    I figured, hey what do I have to loose?
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    "Everyday, I get on the road I'm endangering everyone they don’t care!"

    Yes, this would look great in court if this problem ever did cause a collision. You knew about the problem, you admit the danger it puts other drivers in, yet you still keep driving the car? That's negligence.
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    Not to mention overdramatization.......
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    You make sense but what would you expect me to do its my only means of transportation and im paying out my [non-permissible content removed] for this stupid car.
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    Im not overdramatizising its all true. Before any of you people continue to judge me with negative comments count your blessings that you're not the ones going through this hell everysingle day. Im not looking for pity or understanding im just sending a warning to other Ford owners and future buyers of this deceitful company.
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    IMO, My '06 Ford Mustang GT is the best, most reliable and fun to drive car I have ever owned (and I've owned a lot). I'm just sending this to potential future Ford owners. This is one great company that is re-committed to excellence.
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    Well, what I've stated are the facts. Ford sold me and unreliable car that needs to be Fixed Or Repaired Daily (FORD). Yeah I paid $30G's for a brand new Lemon. Out of the showroom, this should be everyones aspirations when they buy Ford. RIGHT... I've also owned alot of Fords along with four Mustangs previous to this one and im an auto technitian. Ford Motor Company is a Cancer in the automotive industry. This company does not value the consumer, they just want your money! People who are looking to buy Ford spend your money wisely elsewhere. Again, DO NOT BUY FORD !!!
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    about kicking people while they are down.. no one needs to make ignorant remarks, we all have different opinions and should repsect one another (lets be mature) this is not youtube or myspace...obviously cars are not perfect and people will build ones with horrible problems, and the worst part is the reality that big corporations dont care if you crash and burn. However, if you are between a rock and a hard place, either fix the problem (you sound like u put alot of money into it) or trade it in (hope for a better tommorrow)...i hope you can solve your issue quickly =)
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    Thank you so much for your comment! It means alot to me.
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    you're very welcome, =) xoxo
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    I have had problems with my 06 mustang since I bought it as well. And just like you Ford has tried to screw me over with it. It started with electrical problems, the windows would roll down or up on their own, the trunk would pop open while I was driving, the gas gage would go from being full to being empty, the radio changes stations... etc. Ford supposedly "fixed" all the problems but low and behold they just kept happening again and again. I've had numerous parts replaced and still have problems with this car. The newest thing is my transmission is slipping. I dont even have 50,000 miles on this car but the transmission slips. Just one of my many mishaps... If I set my cruise control in the 5th gear and the engine revs above 2500 for any reason it will kick my cruise control off. I filed a lemon lawsuit (before the transmission problems started) against them and like you the offered me a measly $4,000. I went ahead and took it on the advice of my attorney and my mother but now I am wishing I had waited the extra six months to have the transmission problems occur so I could have potentially gotten more from it. I still have mine only because I literally cannot get rid of it because I am so upside down on it. I have to say I agree that the 2006 mustang is in my opinion the worst year ever for this car.
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    Hey, I have been having very simular problems with my 06. What all do I need to do to either get ford to fix it or to atleast get the lemon law kinda settlement? either way would be fine by me. I'm just getting tired of putting money out of pocket into this thing for stuff that the factory should be covering but arent. Thanks for any help.
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    I bought a new 2006 Ford Mustang GT, haven't had anything go wrong with it (except the battery, which was still under warranty) in the five years and 65k I've owned it. I think this is a great car. If I had a choice, I might go for the 2010, heard it's got more hp than the 2006 GT with only a V6 and better mileage. I think Ford's really come back as the dominant American car manufacturer.
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    @Friddle03- I'm with you. My 06 Transmission started slipping at 40k I got it fixed but adding more fluid. Then at 55k it starts slipping again only worst. The gears under the shifter started rattling, I don't even race this thing. Its a daily driver, WTF. The TPS sensor fried, had that replace, The gas tank doesn't fill up all the way, the saddest thing is FORD doesn't even know how to fix it.
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    I just got done reading that Ford is the one of the most reliable cars around, and yes that include GM products. Just another note Ford wasn't paid for with our tax dollars.
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    Don't buy a car within the first 2 years of redesign. It's better to wait for 3 or 4 years after a redesign because the earlier ones will have more problems.
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    Hey LL-COOL-J
    Ford sold 166,500 mustangs in 2006 and so far I see 3 complaints on this blog. Do you really think that you are hurting Ford by all this complaining? I say take your Ford and trade it in for a new Chevy and your problems are solved but wait a guy of your ethics would not give your problem to someone else right.
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    I'm a foreigner, which means I would prefer a foreign CAR (Honda, Toyota, Nissan etc) but I fall in love with the mustang ever since I first saw it. I have been looking for 1 to buy in quite some times now, preferably a 06-to08 Mustang convertible, after all the discussions about it, and all the problems people saying it has, I'm now very skeptical because I dont wanna buy another American that will last as short as my last(03 intrepid r/t) so I'm asking if I should reconsidered and stick with my first love, and find the most reliable and fuel economy as I can get for my money.
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    I have had my 2006 Mustang GT for over 5 yrs. It is hands down the best car I have ever owned. I have never had one single problem with it. I have owned approx 15 cars in my lifetime. I think I will keep this one for a long, long time.
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    Well, I can say to you that you were right about me trading the car in. However you didnt know the first thing about me to come talk to me about ethics. Just be glad you werent in my shoes when it came to this problematic situation.
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