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Kia Optima 2006 and earlier



  • giowagiowa Posts: 599
    I'd like to see the article you reference. Does this publication have a web site? Is the article on line? If so, can you provide the site info? I surfed a bit but my search engines weren't finding any Motoring 2000 from Canada.
  • jkobtyjkobty Posts: 99
    Not a publication. I will try to see if they have a web site
  • jkobtyjkobty Posts: 99
    You might find it under video downloads. or archives.
  • giowagiowa Posts: 599
    Been checking out car mags and web sites but seen nothin' further on Optima. Can't wait for MT, C&D, and R&D new car issues to come out in next couple weeks. Hope they have some more details.

    At least Hyundai financial results are positive. Financial Times and NY Times both reported last week the Hyundai presented a credible plan to spin off Hyundai Motor Cars and to get the founder to sell off about 6% of the company (he currently owns about 9%). That should ensure financial solvency for many years to come!
  • bluewindsbluewinds Posts: 100
    Actually, sonata,XG300 and optima have a same forms and power trains....

    Usually Kia's model have had a fine handling and had a little bit hard suspension...because they had a special relationship with Lotus for a lon time...(almost all kia's suspension was tuned by lotus..) So, handling of kia cars was better than that of hyundais..

    On the other hand Hyundai have tuned the suspension by themselves except Tiburon which is completely tuned by porshe...
    Usually Hyundai set their suspension softer than competitors because of Korean's favor... Many koreans prefer soft sus to hard sus....
    Sonata have been a No1 best selling car in Korean domestic market and to sell more car hyundai just follows the major consumers favor...

    Actually I have been in VA for two months as an exchange student...
    So, I haven't seen real optima on the road yet.. but according to the Korean magazine, optima is better than sonata in everything except same powertrain...and of course more expensive than sonata...

    Basically it includes
    steptronic 4-speed AT(same one as santa fe use..)
    Trip computer
    Electronic control suspension..
    rain sensor..
    wood steering wheel..
    LCD cluster instrument panel
    GPS Navigator
    and so on...

    The top line of optima's price is almost $20,000 in Korea....
  • giowagiowa Posts: 599
    Check out my recent post at Sonata Pt 3. Some interesting info. Mostly very, very good news, esp. from long-term standpoint.
  • giowagiowa Posts: 599
    Stopped by my local Hyundai dealer recently and picked up 2001 brochures for both XG300 and Sonata. Does anyone know if the Kia Optima brochures are out?

    Has anyone seen any firm pricing data? Anyone seen one on road or at a dealer's lot? Thinking they won't be out until Dec or Jan but you never know.
  • giowagiowa Posts: 599
    The 10/16/00 issue of AutoWeek, p. 4, has a small picture of an Optima and the following short statement: "Back home, our friends from Kia introduce their latest, the midsize Optima with a grille that looks a bit like Cadillac's. Image is everything."

    Hyundai and Kia need to do a better job getting the word out in the press about the Optima.
  • giowagiowa Posts: 599
    Today's Omaha World-Herald's Automotive Section has an article reprinted from San Antonio Express-News on the Kia Optima. Excerpts:

    "will come with either a 2.4L, 4-cylinder engine (149 hp) or a 2.5L V6 (170 hp) ... Two trim levels will be offered: the base LX, which includes AC, PW/PL/PM and intermittent wipers; and the top-of-the-line SE, which adds alloy wheels with Michelin tires, heated exterior mirrors, FOG LIGHTS, moon roof, keyless entry with alarm, cruise control, premium stereo with cassette and CD player, leather-wrapped steering wheel, 8-way power driver's seat and wood interior trim. V6 models get 4-wheel disc brakes, while 4-cylinder models have front discs and rear drums. Standalone options include 4-speed automatic transmission, ABS, cruise control, and leather interior."

    Finally fog lights!!! Nice to see that both ABS and leather can be standalone options. Thus people can get ABS without having to go with a Hyundai loaded Pkg 13. Too bad no sport suspension or 16" tire upgrade!!!
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I went to the Orlando car show this weekend and saw the new Optima in person. It is so new they did not even have a price for the car yet. I was very very impressed with it!! The car looks very sharp, much better than the Sonata it is based on. The front has crisp headlamps and an aggressive semi-sporty look, but the crome grille is a bit much. The rear is the best part of the car. It looks sporty and yet very upscale. The taillamps look kind of like the older Avalon or a better version of the Camry's setup. The interior is very luxurious when equipped with the leather and wood trim. The rear seat had plenty of room and both front and rear was comfortable. I was surprised to see that it offers a manumatic auto tranny, which is not available on the Sonata. The doors closed with a solid thunk that was missing from any other Kia product I have been in. I was a bit disappointed to see that ABS is not offered on the 4-cylinder models and no manual is offered with the V-6. However, they do offer a well equipped SE four model that comes standard with alloy wheels, sunroof, power everything including 8 way driver's seat, fog lamps, CD, keyless entry with alarm, wood trim, and leather wrapped steering wheel and can be optioned up with leather. If that model is priced around 16K, Kia may very well have a hit on their hands. I think Kia was smart to clone the Hyundai Sonata as this new Optima is leagues ahead of all the other Kias in terms of refinement, initial build quality, and solidity. I just couldn't get over how impressed I was with its good looks both inside and out. They really designed an attractive looking car that bares very little resemblance to its sister (except the side profile). The Optima may be exactly what Kia needs to improve its image here. I guess most of the credit for the car's overall goodness should go to Hyundai though since they designed the basic platform to begin with. Anyway, the Optima is a very nice car that deserves some attention if in the market for a cheaper alternative to the Camry and Accord. Way to go Hyundai and Kia!!
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    They had a "first look" at the Optima and it just posted today. I like the way it looks. It's the same mechanicals, etc. as the Sonata though, but I like the Steptronic transmission. But they say even that is coming for 2002 to the Sonata. It might just be what Kia needs to turn around their streak of bad luck. I just hope it doesn't take sales away from Hyundai. Kinda like cutting off your nose to spite your face, if you know what I mean. :)
  • mike_542mike_542 Posts: 128
    If you look at all the car comparisons regarding Kia or Hyundai, the main complaint is "poor handling." All they need to do is upgrade the tires and wheels and everything will be fine. Or Kia/Hyundai can send lots of accessory wheel/tire packages for dealers to install.
  • iusecadiusecad Posts: 287
    Kia might not take all that many sales away from Hyundai... I just saw an Optima at the local Kia dealer; it was the I-4 with auto, air, floor mats and CD, and it stickered for $17,100. that's about a grand more than a similarly equipped Sonota (according to Edmunds).

    But, there's about 250 miles between the Kia & Hyundai dealer, so I'm guessing I'll see more Kias for now...
  • bluewindsbluewinds Posts: 100

    It's a CVT transmission.
    However if you put selector on step-tronic mode, you can use 6-speed manual function.

    This is $1500 option on top notch model of optima
  • Had the opportunity to see the new Optima today and sit in one. Being very short 5'7" the car is a bit big for me. However the fit and finish is very good. Doors close with solid ka-chunk. Has several interesting features. Inside grab on trunklid to lower lid without grabbing painted outside surface of lid. Recessed handle in trunk to assist those locked in trunk accidentally. However, no remote trunk release on 4-Cylinder car. Heavy hood and very neat engine compartment. Looks like the fit/finish will favorably compare with some current U.S. built Japanese vehicles. Sticker on 4-Cyl with Std Trans is $15,400. This car looks like it will be a winner with the ladies.
  • giowagiowa Posts: 599
    I especially poured over the Kia Optima, Hyundai XG300, and Suzuki XL-7 SUV at last weeks Omaha Auto Show. Had wife and kids in tow. Unlike my wife, I thought the Optima was quite impressive. She thought it was OK but nothing special. (She wants the upcoming baby Jag, the soon to be released X-type.) I really loved the Optima's looks and some nice touches (e.g., the strut-type trunk hinges that don't intrude). Too bad the V-6 Optima cannot be had with a manual. And its price is higher than the Sonata. Found it odd that Hyundai sent a base XG300, an XG300L, a Sante Fe, Elantra, and Accent but no Sonata. Kia had everything but the Spectra.

    There are some nice pictures of the 2002 Sonata out. It is quite a looker. Optima is more conservative while Sonata is tastefully flashy.
  • Giowa: Having owned several Jaguars over my long lifetime, Jaguar is a car of universal appeal to both men and women. My Mom and myself each bought one at the same time. Mine was a '75XJ 6-cyl and hers was a '75XJ 12-cyl. Her car was a Sable color with a definite violet overhaze.Mine was Black. While the Jaguars had leather upholstery, the Optima sedan I saw had a very soft cloth upholstery. Mom always complained about the leather being abrasive on her legs and kept a blanket over the driver's seat for comfort. The tactile senses that were transmitted by the Optima definitely, IMHO, designed to appeal more to the ladies.
  • giowagiowa Posts: 599
    Will be interesting to see if there is a difference in preference for Optimas vs. Sonatas between male and female buyers. If I remember right, thought I saw something showing that Sonata buyers tended to be heavily male. Females preferred "safe" & reliable Accords & Camrys. (Think it had something to do with risk. Men are less risk adverse and would gamble on reliability because the value was so good. Females prize reliability so much and remember what happened to early Hyundai's that they view them unfavorably initially.)

    I had hoped Hyundai and Kia would differentiate this platform more on the basis of sport. One might have a more aggressive suspension and some performance/handling upgrades. If you are correct, maybe Kia wants to lure the attractive sex its way while Hyundai gets Joe Sixpack?
  • giowagiowa Posts: 599
    In today's Omaha World-Herald there is a great story headlined "Executive Assess Banner Year of Sales of Asian Car Brands". Excerpt:

    "sales of the new Rio compact sedan boosted Kia's 2000 sales to 160,606, its best ever, a 19 percent increase over 1999. Kia plans to introduce a Rio station wagon and the Sedona minivan in the U.S. next year."
  • Hey everyone. If anyone is interested, I just bought a 2001 Kia Optima SE V6. This car is the Steel Blue, I went for the leather interior and the sticker came in at $21,474. My promotion included a vehicle allowance, so I went out and drove 16 cars including the Altima, 626, Protege', Golf (I know, different class, but in my range), Impala, Focus, and the list goes on and on... The Optima was, hands down, the finest car I drove. I had my boss (the owner of a BMW 740, Mercedes 500SL, and Dodge Viper) take a test drive with me, and HE'S thinking about getting one. In looking at the earlier discussion, it seems to me that they went the other way from the conjecture, at least with the SE. From what I've seen of the Sonata, it seems that has the sportier look and style, and the Optima is geared more toward the classy end. The leather and wood look great, and the styling (especially the front end) has a more upscale look than the Sonata. It handles well, and has plenty of punch when it's needed. The shiftmatic is fun, but overall this is just a remarkably solid, well-performing car that is ridiculously roomy and comfortable. All I know is that I got all the features and comfort I could possibly hope for, and I'll still be able to buy my gas from the allowance!
  • bluewindsbluewinds Posts: 100

    Kia Optima has been best selling car in its segment since it was launched last year July in Korea.

  • giowagiowa Posts: 599
    Who did these tests? Are there any numerical results indicating how well it did? And in comparison to other cars? Is there a web site where we can get all the results for this testing agency? This didn't look like the US, European, Japanese, or Australian new car assessment programs. Is it Korean NCAP? Hyundai internal test?
  • This car 2002 in my opinion looks better than the optima and probably has more room because this Leganza boasts a bigger interior than the roomy Avalon. Anyone do a price comparision on the two? I'm pretty sure a fully equipped 2002 Leganza is less than 20k. You can see a pic of it on the LA AUTO SHOW section of Edmunds.
  • It was done by one branch of national transportation bureau of Korean government. It's an official K-NCAP test.

    However, it was not a sophisticate test like U.S's real NCAP test but a simple test.

    K-NCAP test includes safety of structure/cage, dummy restraints/kinemaics and some injury measures. For example, in the part of 'injury measures' we don't have regulaion about putting sensor on legs and foots. compared to U.S'S NCAP, it should be more improved.

    Also, test cars only have driver's side airbag. They don't have passenger's side airbag. So, the results are unreliable to check driver and passenger's injury. Experts who know the safety of automobile only accept its result of structure and cage damage. Personally, I also think that only cage/structure damage results are valid in this test.

    Anyway, Kia Opt's result is a little bit better than 2000 Hyundai Sonata's in structure/cage damage.

    If new traffic law is passed in congress, government will do test by new standard which is as same as U.S's NCAP test in every fields.
  • They had a 2002 Leganza at the Detroit Auto Show. As far as styling it is different than the Optima. As well all know by now, it is the Magnus in Korea. My original impression was that it was a V6..wrong, it is an inline 6. This should make it somewhat smoother than a V6 since it has inherent balance without the use of multiple countershafts and counterweights. After all the different configurations 3,4,5,8,10 and 12 cylinder engines, it seems like everyone, including good old GM is moving back toward the old dependable inline '6' configurations.
  • giowagiowa Posts: 599
    Do you remember how big the I-6 was? 2.5L? 3.0L? 3.5L? Glad to see more manufacturers going back to the great I-6. Inherently the smoothest engine. Unfortunately, due to configuration, space and now crash test considerations, too many manufacturers are moving to V-6s. Mercedes did in their C- & E-class. Press reporting that BMW is working on V-6s, mainly for crash safety purposes.

    Is the car you saw FWD or RWD?
  • The person manning the Daewoo Display was so lacking in information that all of your questions are ones I have no answer for. I have a friend who is a Daewoo/Kia/Buick/Cadillac/Isuzu dealer and will check with him for any possible info on displacement, fwd/rwd etc. It was very strange that the Daewoo display was provided by a Ford dealer from the Flint, MI area. Detroit has 3 or 4 dealers in the Metro area, so why didn't they do the display?
  • Yep..........

    It has 2.5L Inline-6 which is desingned by Porsche.

    Will it have performance of Porsche?
    I don't know yet.
    But it put out 180HP.

    I think it will be a definitely attractive model for the Mid-sedan hunters if they consider the bang for the buck!
  • Thanks for the information on the I-6 Daewoo engine. Have been following the progress of the bankruptcy very closely as am holding off purchasing my new Korean car till Daewoo resolves its' problems. IMHO it is probably the best buy from a quality/price standpoint of either Kia or Hyundai. Reading and everyday keeps me well informed as to the latest status. Worrisome that sales are beginning to fall for Daewoo. The financials probably have scared off buyers temporarily, I hope. Thanks again for the information.
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