12 volt outlet on the 2010 Lexus RX 350

richhirtrichhirt Member Posts: 2
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The 12 volt outlets are now located (inconveniently) at the bottom of the center console on the 2010 models. Is there a way to easily mount or attach a 12 volt extension cord to the side of the console or to the dash so access to a 12 volt outlet is much easier? Thanks.


  • marqevansmarqevans Member Posts: 29
    I found some plastic wire clips at Menards (home center) I slipped them into the seam along the side of the console and ran the cord for my radar detector through them I am sure it would work for a 12 volt extension cord.
  • richhirtrichhirt Member Posts: 2
    Thanks. I'm trying to create a more permanent fix - so the receptacle end of the 12-volt extension cord is solidly mounted on the side of the console or on the dash, and I can then easily plug and unplug devices as needed.
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