Battery Continues to Drain

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My mother-in-law bought our 2001 Mazda MVP from us about 5 years ago. She drives it 3 to 6 times per week and mostly on outings around the city. About 3 months ago, the Mazda would not start - she called CAA and they installed a new battery for her. However, she is finding that if she leaves the van sit in the garage for more than a couple of days, the battery goes dead. She does not leave anything on (including the radio and the phone charger) and still she has this problem. CAA has been called out 3 more times about this and they checked everything including the alternator and they are telling her that everything checks out okay, but because she is a "senior" (no, that didn't go over too well either) and only takes short trips when she drives it, the battery does not have enough time to be charged up again. We are having trouble with that explanation.

Could it be the new battery is no good? CAA is telling her that it is okay and that there must be something else that is draining it while it sits.

Has anyone encountered this situation, and if so, what is the solution?

Many thanks.


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    It is not that your problem isn't possible, more likely if only drives the van 3-6 times a month it would do that, unless you live in a cold climate and if it is winter short trips could be hard on it. It is not impossible to have a poor battery

    not that this really helps but it is a bit of information

    Windy :D
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    I have a vibration in the front of the vehicle while driving at any speed.The vibration gets louder when I turn the steering wheel to the left.I never had this noise before. I had a couple of people tell me it is probably a wheel bearing going bad.Does anyone else agree?
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