Infiniti G37 Vibrating rearview mirror

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Recently I purchased a 2009 G37x. I see blurry vision in rearview mirror that i believe from vibration, even on smooth roads. It happens from about 78 - 85 mph speed. At below and beyond speeds are doing okay. I went to the dealer's service center, but they said they can't do anything about this. They made me angry when they couldn't solve the problem and asked me to slow down. Has anyone seen this problem at that speed? What might causing this?


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    Is it just the mirror that's vibrating, or do you feel anything in the car itself?

    If it's just the mirror, try wiggling it by hand and see if there's any play in it, where it attaches to the mount. Usually there's a set screw that attaches it. However, I would be surprised that a loose mirror would have escaped the eagle eyes of your dealer's service center techs ;) .
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    You probably have flat-spotted and/or unbalanced tires. Have them road force balanced on a Hunter GSP9700 machine (or equivalent) to under 10 lbs variation at their nickel and if that doesn't fix it, negotiate for a new set of tires.
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    Thanks. But dealer saying if it is from tire, i should have seen this vibration even from 55 mph. And also my stirring should also vibrate. I don't know maybe it's not enough to vibrate stirring. And also why does it go away at 85 mph?
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    You probably wouldn't feel it in the steering wheel if the problem was in a tire that's on the rear of the car.
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    There are variables involved: the degree of unbalance, location of the unbalanced tire(s) on the vehicle, and harmonics with a particular chassis.
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    Thanks for posting this issue.. Now, I know I'm not crazy.

    I have EXACT same issue with my 2010 G37x Sedan. The vibration happens at the same speeds you mentioned (78-85 mph) . Makes checking behind you all blurry.

    I can tell you is is NOT the wheels and tires since I have replaced them all with aftermarket wheels and Michelin tires. The same size as original (17").

    A 2009 G37x Sedan courtesy car did not have this same issue. We have been told a higher RPM balance system might minimize the affect. The cost was $100+ for all four wheels. Have not done that yet.. have you?

    What do we do now?? Any suggestions or progress you have made may be helpful.
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    I haven't done anything yet. We drove another similar car (08) and found similar type of problem but vibration happened with that car ~75 mph. Dealer does not know what to do. They also told me the same thing..chaging tire won't help. Please let me know if you do anything and if that helps you any way. Who told you that higher rpm balance might help? Thanks for sharing.
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    The service mgr. at the Infiniti dealership said that (a "Brachet" or "Bracheted" balance test, if I recall correctly) would be the next step/test; which is what we'll probably be doing. There also must be a central "service" database they could check; as we can't be the only two with this problem. I'm also going to insist they contact the Infiniti service headqtrs. (Japan) to discuss. Since I just purchased this vehicle and discovered the problem, I've only just begun to resolve. We'll keep you posted. I won't be taking the car in for oil service for another month or so; and this item will be on the list again. So it will be a bit before you hear back from me.
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    I test drove a 2010 G37S for 2 days recently. I had the audio system for music turned up loud while driving and noticed that the rearview mirror was vibrating due to the high volume on the speakers. I have never seen this before in any car I've driven, but it is unacceptable to me for a car of this stature and price.
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    New 2010 G37X starts vibrating and rumbling at 70+, gets real noisy at high speeds. Car has been in 4 times. 1. balanced tires 2. replaced differential 3. replaced bearings 4. replaced tires and rims. There will be a 5th as the problems still exists and is somewhere in the drive train. Comments have been made that it stems from the all wheel drive and is just part of the car....but not acceptable.
    Dealer is good, attentive, concerned and free use of a loaner. No complaints with them at all.
    This is my 6th Infiniti. Immediate prior one was a G35x; never had this sort of issue.
    I've read the vibrating mirror comments but haven't seen one quite as similar as this.
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