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How to register my Land Rover?

scoozerscoozer Posts: 2
edited June 2014 in Land Rover
Hey, I just bought a 2008 LR2. Do i register it with Land Rover dealership to get the oil changes and such? It's still under factory warrenty.


  • dandrews1dandrews1 Posts: 184
    Always a good idea to have the dealership check the truck out immediately after buying it and get the service history. These vehicles can have a lot of software updates, so you want to make sure you're up to date.

    Some of these trucks came with complimentary service, but not sure if that is transferable?
  • From what they told us when we bought ours, the routine maintanence such as oil changes, etc. was forfeited if we ever sold the vehicle.
  • Thanks for your input. I called Land Rover and they said if the car was an 2008 or newer, they would honor the maintanence. I hope that stands true.
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