Durango Starting to Burn Fuel lean after replacing O2 sensor

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My vehicle starting to burn fuel really rich. Dropped down to 4 mpgs. Vehicle starting smelling alot like gas. Engine light turned on. took it in and the meter stated I had to replace the O2 sensor. I did that. Fuel returned to normal, Now after a week, i am starting to smell the fuel again but the engine light is not on to take a reading. Any ideas on where to check next?


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    I too, replaced both Oxygen sensors, checked the catalyst and vaccumm system and continue to have this problem. I am stumpt where to go next? Any suggestions, have you found your problem and if so what was it?
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    Nope. i just talked to a mechanic last friday. He stated that when a Power Steering pressure switch goes bad, the fluid goes down the wiring housing down to the Catalyst connectors and corrodes them. They are wrapped together. When i swapped out the Sensor, I did notice it was oily. My pressure switch was bad also and switched it out. He checked it and found the upstream catalyst is working but not enough power is going thru it. He told me the ground could be bad which is common. Another site also stated that the ground is best when connected to the body. He told me to cut the ground and connect it to the body. Which I will do this weekend. There are 2 white wires, which are heaters. One grey one which is the power. The black one is suppose to be the ground. he is suppose to get me the wiring schematics before I start cutting. i will let you know if it fixes the problem. I hope it fixes it.
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    I have had all this done. But yet the check engine light is still on. Now it wants to rev up to 2000 rpms and drop down so far it starts to stall out. Its blowing black out the tail pipe like semi would. Im not shure if a valve is stuck open or if iits spitting too much fuel. Any Ideas?
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    OK 2 things:

    1. If you have had PS fluid run down the wiring harness you may be looking at having to replace it. The fluid get's down there and does some horrible things to the wiring and it's insulation. This has been a problem with a few on other Durango/Dakota boards.

    2. Check/change your throttle positioning sensor (TPS). The changes in your idle speed indicates this may be an issue.
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