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Acura TSX Electrical Problems

mickey513mickey513 Member Posts: 3
Went to start my 04 TSX yesterday and noticed a couple of strange problems.

1.) The outside temp. guage shows "--" instead of the tempeature outside.
2.) Power door locks don't work on driver side.
3.) Wiper blades don't work on lowest setting.
4.) Nav screen doesn't dim when headlights are on

I restarted the cars a couple of times for a few minutes and got the same result. The one time where everything did work propery, the outside temp. gauge showed a degree. Shut off engine and restarted engine again and the outside temp guage showed "--" and the problems above happen again.

Checked all the "mini fuses" with a fuse tester and they are good. Havn't checked the big ones since it's dark now but any suggestions? Don't think it's the battery because the car cranks up fine and the terminals are free of any corrosion and rust.



  • biker4biker4 Member Posts: 746
    Although, thankfully, the computer in the car is not running Windows, a reboot may fix things. Have your radio codes ready before you do this. Disconnect the battery for a few minutes to let everything reset. From the description of the issues tho, it seems that it's more than just a simple computer problem.
  • mickey513mickey513 Member Posts: 3
    For some strange reason disconnecting the battery and resetting the system fix the problem. I also cleaned out the terminals and ground to the body of the car with some battery terminal cleaner and pulled out the back up fuse. One day now and car seem fines.
  • biker4biker4 Member Posts: 746
    There's some much stuff in a modern car that is controlled by the on-board ECU that a full reset (power cycle) can sometimes fix things.
  • ireneatlas19ireneatlas19 Member Posts: 7
    I am also having this problem...I am going to try the battery and fuse first because I called the dealer and they gave me a problem but finally agreed to so do it for free.
  • shelley326shelley326 Member Posts: 1
    Hello everyone. I was reading the post on electrical problems and I am wondering if anyone can help me. I have noticed that my remote will not lock my drivers side doors nor activate my car alarm. While I am inside I try to lock the doors manually by the lock switch and all doors lock EXCEPT THE DRIVERS DOOR !!!! Any suggestions ??? I have replaced the battery in the remote, but the problen still exists.
  • ireneatlas19ireneatlas19 Member Posts: 7
    At this moment the dealer fix the lights in the Dash for free but I still have the problem with my alarm and door as you explained. Did you find a solution yet? I had to go away on a trip so I have not looked into it yet.....I have to find out what this problem is....any answer?

  • biker4biker4 Member Posts: 746
    Sounds like the lock solenoid is bad. I assume that the door switch on the door is connected directly to it - so if that won't make it work something is wrong with the lock solenoid - or perhaps the wiring going to it. The issue is inside the door. You or a mechanic has to look inside the door for the problem.
  • lonnieinskeeplonnieinskeep Member Posts: 2
    Electrical problem 2004 Acura TSX 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 73,000 miles My car battery died on Friday, got it replaced, all seemed fine. Except now the driver's side window doesn't auto roll down. Normally I'd press the button for the window to roll down and it would roll down automatically versus me having to keep it pressed down and now.

    Car ECU
  • biker4biker4 Member Posts: 746
    I think the window switch has a second detent that triggers the auto down feature - that second detent could be defective in the switch.This could be a simple fix (change the switch) tho getting that fixed might be expensive (the door needs to be taken apart).
  • smrbrzsmrbrz Member Posts: 1
    My 2007 TSX has been 'perfect' until this morning while driving the engine shut-down suddenly on the highway. Managed to get it to the side and restarted it. VERY scarry situation? This happen to anyone else?
  • carteachcarteach Member Posts: 179
    I have a new 2012 TSX wagon with the tech package. I love it but I'm having a serious problem.

    My car simply looks/acts dead. This happens when I unlock it as well as when it's already unlocked. At first all the lights will come on. Then suddenly the car is dead. No lights. No ability to start it, of course. The remote seems to be operating since I see the red light. After I fiddle with the remote, by pressing the lock or unlock button, all's well. Tonight however, it took a lot of tries including getting out of the car and pressing the buttons, as well as pressing them in the car. This problem has been intermittent, but happened twice today. So I will have to get it to the dealers ASAP. Needless to say, I can't afford to be stranded.
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