Ford Edge Inside Water Leak Musty Smell

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has anyone encountered an inside condensation leak on their ford edge. I have the 2007 model year and it is a little over 2 years old. it has only 18k miles on it. we noticed a musty smell and upon investigating saw that when we made left turns water was leaking in through the bottom vent onto the floor of the passenger front....took to dealer and they seemed to know exaxtly what it was....a condensation leak from a clogged line inside the engine area....and the service writer said I was lucky it wasnt like some people's who actually had the lead squirt from an upper vent and hit them in the said they had to blow out the lines and that would fix did...but now after two bottles of fabreze I can't get the musty smell out of the car and wonder if this is going to happen again and again since the only fix is to blow out clogged lines.


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    had the same deal. Had to take it back twice. They fixed it under warranty
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    the water most likely has gotten underneath the carpeting which causes musty odors.
    best thing to do if it is still under factory warranty is to tell the dealership too remove and dry the carpet (especially under the rugs) or to replace them due to the smell.
    if you are out of warranty you may have to at least remove the sill plates and raise the carpet on the sides, than let it air out for a few days'
    your a/c leak can indeed return if the drain line becomes clogged up again, however you can keep an eye for proper drainage under the car when the a/c or defrosters are on
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