2001 Sentra service engine soon light is on

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I just bought a 2001 Nissan Sentra. The car has only 47,000 miles on it as it has been unused and sitting for the past 5 years. Plugs were changed along with oil and filter, air filter, and new hoses were put in. After driving the car for a few minutes the service engine light came on. We took the car to an automobile repair shop where they ran diagnostics and than to a Nissan Dealer who also ran diagnostics and both places said that they can't find anything wrong with the car. Is it possible that after driving 400 or 500 miles the light will reset? If not, I would appreciate any suggestions.

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    My 2001 nissan sentra now shows service engine soon.From owner manual,it clearly shows fuel filler cap or emission.would appreciate any suggestions to remedy the situation.
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    want to replace front and rear struts.got the struts through the internet,cannot figure out where the rear mount studs are ,and how to get to them.how hard is it to do front and rear struts.any help will be appreciated.
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    i have a 2001 nissan sentra recently the oil was changed. service engine soon light comes on occationally. any suggestions?
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    I also have a 2001 gxe sentra. I had this problem, I had the code read by a friend. The code was bank 1 mis fire. Anyway the problem was the mass air flow sensor was dirty. The MAF is located between the air cleaner, and the throttle body. I take it apart just enough to get access to the sensor, and the screen. I purchased a spray can of MAF sensor cleaner at Autozone, be careful not to touch the screen but spray it real good until you see it is good and clean. Let it air dry for a few hours then reassemble it. A tip, Don't use K & N filters as they use oil. The oil is not compatible with the sensor. I use an stp air filter, and I clean the sensor every oil change ( 3000 miles ) I get consistent 32 miles per gallon. good luck, and I hope this is a fix.
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