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Does anyone have a factory installed hitch on a 09/10. I was wondering if the whole frame is visible (like many after-market hitches) or if just the receiver is visible like as posted on the Nissan web site. Would just be using for a bike rack and occasionally a small utility trailer. Also, does anyone have a bike rack that mounts to the hatch.


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    Yes- it is not that large at all.
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    Ok, thanks. Just wanted to make sure it wasn't too noticeable like a lot of the aftermarket ones.
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    its noticable its just not one of those that goes the full width
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    FYI if you have yet to install,,

    The factory hitch and wiring harness are excessively overpriced. I'm sure you know and I somewhat remember the dealer wanting nearly $900 to install on my wife's 09 LE.

    I installed an aftermarket hitch with the same specks as OEM, aftermarket plug-n-play wiring harness all for less than $200. Installed it myself thus labor $ was not included. All you see of my hitch is the two inch receptacle and the chain loops on either side. The rest is tucked up behind the bumper - very easy to install as well!

    If still deciding let me know I can provide pics etc.

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    Thanks for the info! Do you know what the brand is? If you could post pics that would be great.
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    I just took delivery of 2010 murano and want to add a hitch.
    Can you send me an email with your hitch info and how you installed it?

    [email protected]
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    Please don't ask for "personal" help via email. We all benefit when a problem is discussed on the open forum. Thanks.
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    I purchase all my hitch/trailer needs from I found them very reasonable / good service etc.

    I purchased a Draw-Tite Class-III two inch receiver hitch (pictured in above post). Hitch cost at the time was $116.99 (etrailer item number 75647 - now $140.95) This is the hitch only, you still need the receiver and ball portion - I already had several.

    I also purchased the plug and play wiring harness item number 118481 / was and still is $54.99. I routed the plug down through one of the existing drain grommets.

    The hitch was what I considered very easy to install - I did it in the driveway after backing up on a set of $30 dollar Rhino ramps from Autozone etc..
    The hitch comes with instructions and all hardware. Basically you remove a small panel under the bumper, remove the shipping tie down hook from the left frame, and install the hitch - no drilling required - all "threaded" mounting holes are already in the frame (6 bolts total). The instructions tell you to lower the exhaust but it was not necessary. I placed double layers of painters tape on the bumper /exhaust tip areas to keep from scratching where they touched while sliding up/in with the hitch assembly. Took all of about 30 minutes.

    The wiring harness was easy as well yet took a little more getting several of the interior trim pieces removed from the aft cargo area. Once removed however it was as easy as unplugging/plugging in a few connections, screwing in a good grounding point, and splicing into the existing large white wire going to the battery.
    Hint: the harness instructions do not mention this white wire and want you to route your own. However, the white wire is right there for use with the OEM harness and is already "fused" for this purpose. I myself installed a separate fuse at the recommended amperage provided with the harness. Basically, a little redundancy - the fuse I installed was smaller than the factory thus I am ensured I don't' exceed the white wires circuit capability in the event of a short or harness malfunction.

    All of the above took about 2 hrs and in my case under $200. The dealership wanted just under $1000 to install the OEM hitch and factory harness. I will admit the factory hitch is EXTREMELY robust yet the Draw-Tite is rated at the same. For the near $800 difference it was not remotely required (my opinion).

    I'll type more if anyone requires or goes this route.

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    I do not plan on ever using electric trailer brakes, only towing jet ski or motorcycle trailers. It appears the wire harness you are using connects to the battery for trailer brakes. Since I dont plan on using this funciton can I simply hook up everything but the 12v wire? Believe the nissan harness is only 4pin and does not hook direct to battery would this be better for my application?
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    Actually, then harness I used is just the 4 pin connector. No brakes here as well. The battery lead is required for the harness module. It facilitates powering the trailer lights to ensure the vehicle light circuit isn't overloaded etc.
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