2005 Subaru Forester Acid sulfur hose burning smell

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Approx 3000 miles after the dealership had forgotten to put oil back into my car after its 25000mile service, I've had problems. The dealership claimed the oil leaked out - all within 20miles without a single drip/puddle anywhere. The car developed a burning smell - "acid, sulfur, brake pad, burning hose". Dealership said nothing was wrong.

At 40,000 mile I took the vehicle to a different Subaru dealership when the check engine light came on. After 20,000 miles they figured out it was the catalytic converter and one of the O2 sensors. Light is now off. They also claimed no issue with the burning smell. Fuel consumption is bad - half what it used to be; power loss forcing use of 3rd often. I also said fan seemed to be be sticking and screeching - dealership also said no issue.

Took car to local service shop for services. Air compressor stopped functioning - cause of the screeching sound - replaced. Spark plugs and thermostat also replaced - hoping to solve fuel and power issues (Not solved yet).

Radiator flushed, brake fluid replaced, transmission fluid replaced. STILL have smell - "Acid sulfur hose burning smell". Now, outside temp gauge totally wrong; engine temp gauge bouncing like a yo-yo.

Most miles are highway miles ... approx 30,000mile/year. I service the according to schedule and in proactive manner. Now have 85,000mile on dial.

I recognize now that the dealerships appear not to have the tools, training or knowledge of the vehicle they sell.

Any ideas on the cause? What can I do to fix the issues?


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    I would call 800-SUBARU3 and get a regional manager involved in your case. Sounds like the dealers may have messed up your Subie. :(
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