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2010 Toyota 4Runner dealers putting holes in the bumper?

rjsdrjsd Member Posts: 5
edited June 2014 in Toyota
What's up with the Ca dealers putting holes in the front Bumper?

I ended up returning a 2010 4runner after finding the dealer drilled through the painted surface of the front bumper to mount the dealer advertisement plate with a plastic frame with their name on it. When I got the 4runner home form the dealer it looked like the dealers chrome-plastic frame was digging into the paint I removed it to find two jagged holes that were made by driving the two ¼” sheet metal screws through the bumper to mount the plate. Since then I have passed on two other new 4runners that are the color I want have an option package that is acceptable and an initial quote that lead me to believe that a deal could have been closed if not for the damaged bumper.

I do realize that Toyota does have two indents in the bumper indicating where holes can be drilled to mount a plate if DESIRED. There are a few reasons why I have a problem with the holes:
1. Damages to a painted surface on a new expensive 4runner.
2. In my opinion it is astatically the wrong place for the plate. You do not see anything mounted there in the Toyota ads for this vehicle so they probably think so too.
3. A non screw through the bumper mount will released shortly by Toyota, the aftermarket or fabricated and sold on eBay by me (I think there is a market for this product).

I wonder how many find this damage after they purchased the truck & were not pleased, I found it unacceptable. Or had it in a state that required a front plate then took it to a state that did not.


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    agnostoagnosto Member Posts: 207
    Wow, I am agreeing with you 100%. I am also lucky since the state where I live requires only the back license plate, so I have nothing on the front bumper as I like things neat...
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    rjsdrjsd Member Posts: 5
    I think it is a short term issue. I think Toyota will release a proper mounting bracket for the front plate. The current method leaves the lower part of the plate hanging in the breeze it just does not seem right. I posted the thread hoping Toyota monitored forums like Edmunds and determines this to be a high priority also as a warning to any potentail buyers that would have a problem with it.
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    superslifsuperslif Member Posts: 5
    Every new vehicle I have bought, I request no decals, or dealer advertisements mounted on my vehicle except a license plate frame. I remember my wife's first new vehicle (Ford) where they drilled 2 holes thru the truck lid to mount a dealer logo. After 3 years it started to rust.... :mad:
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