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Acura RDX Hands Free Link and NAV System Problems

royalemanroyaleman Member Posts: 1
I had a 2007 RDX which I traded for a 2010 RDX. I bought the dealer loaner with 4,000 miles, AWD with the full Nav package. Within 2 days of bringing it home, first time I drove the car in the morning, the screen did not boot up, the back camera was not visible, you did not have the radio screen available or the NAV system. I would turn off the car and restart it. Sometimes it went on. Sometimes it didn't. Also, twice, the Hands Free Link mysteriously went on and I was unable to unfreeze it without turning off the car.I took the car in for service and they could not reproduce it over 3 days. I took the car home, and the next morning I had the Hands Free problem when putting the car into reverse and immediately went to the dealer so that they could see it. They did. Turned the car off and could not reproduce it again. They are replacing the HFL unit but quite frankly, were not sure if that is really the problem. I asked them to call Acura but there is no record of this problem they told me.

Has anyone else seen these symptoms? Right now I have had a loaner longer than I have had my new car. (A 2010 TL so I am not complaining). The dealer has bent over backwards since this is my 9th Acura (as they should). I am just concerned that this is an indication of issues I am going to have.

Also, have others experienced the fact that the NAV system place finder is mediocre at best, unable to find places nearby because the underlying database is totally deficient. I was assured by the dealer that the new car would be better by an updated database but I was in front of the Cherry Hill Mall, typed in Macy's and the closest Macy's was for a store in Philly that had closed 3 years ago. Then I typed in Sear's with similar results. Can others give their views about this. For such an expensive system, don't they have an obligation to give you good information? Free database updates? The dealer and Acura blame their vendor? I would love to hear others' views on this as I have a class action lawyer who may consider this as a lawsuit. There are 10's of thousands of people out there with these systems. Maybe if enough people post and threaten Acura they will recall the disk for accurate ones. BTW, when I spoke to my service advisor, another customer made the same complaint and Acura said there was nothing that they can do. I don't buy that. They don't want to pressure their vendor into fixing it, or maybe with the new system like in the 2010 they are acknowledging the deficiencies and using newer technology. That alone might support a lawsuit. I had this problem in my 2007 and their fix was buying a new DVD, a solution that has not been fixed in the 2010.


  • sandyvelezsandyvelez Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2010 TSX and have the same problem finding places. I can never get anything to show up in my STATE!!! :( There are multiple spellings for some places, it is a disaster. I was looking for a Walgreens the other day and it wasnt in the database anywhere! My little Garmin does a better job. It almost looks like they took input from some users at one point and that is what they are using for a database.
  • blockerblocker Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2011 RDX. I've got about 5,000 miles on it, and having computer issues with the handsfree link and backup camera. It is very much like Microsoft - re-starting often fixes the problems. But you know what - I didn't spend that much money for a microsoft car.
    I agree absolutely that the nav system is not up to par. Graphics alone are awful. And mine doesn't even have my subdivision, which has had homes for over 6 years. My husband has the TL and his is much better. We took it to the dealership, and it was explained that the TL has a better internal hard drive with much more space. The RDX uses an actual disc, but they claim the manufacturer is just limited on space, so they don't update with peripheral roads or very frequently. It has been a big source of frustration. We're like many of you - our dealer appears to have good motives for keeping customers, but Acura itself seems to only dedicate its resources to certain models. If that's the case, then perhaps a boring stable Honda would have been a better alternative.
  • rzurawikrzurawik Member Posts: 13
    I just got a 2014 RDX Tech. The navigation controls do not work while driving. Only works when car is stopped or in park. Is there any way to change that. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • aaguiaagui Member Posts: 1
    Also have a new 2014 RDX; Nav system is outdated and not intuitive. Put in a destination and insisted on sending circuitous route, even when going the way I wanted to. Unable to find how to go to different screens while driving. Voice commands are difficult to use and require multiple steps. Booklet way to long and not easy to find what one wants. Old Garmin easier to use. IPhone mapping much better and adapts to route being taken.
    Have to say Acura Nav system not worth the price.
    Any others with similar experiences?
  • familyguy1familyguy1 Member Posts: 7
    edited January 2014

    My 2014 RDX has NAV and was definitely not worth the price. It's not intuitive, many geographic areas marked "unverified", entering destination takes quite a while, the voice commands are awkward, more. If you're used to Google Maps or Garmin you will be very disappointed. It's like stepping back into the late 90's for NAV systems.

    Worst, I have not found a way to load my phone's contacts into the system. Makes the hands-free phone features nearly useless. (Android, Samsung Galaxy Nexus).

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