Chevrolet Camaro Fuel Pump Problems

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Ok here's where we are at. No fuel pump signal to the relay while starting. 10.8v between the orange and gray wires on the FP relay connector when ignition switch is in the on or off position but no start. If I jump gray wire at connector with known good 12v supply the FP runs and car starts. When I measure volts between Orange and gray wire with the car running I get 12v. Disconnected the OPSU, 3 wire, red,yellow,black, and tried to start. Nothing. Jumped and measured voltage at red and black wires at OPSU (2.4v) and nothing. Relay is good. FP fuse is good. Where should I look next? Seems like I am not getting a signal to prime the FP.


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    Did you check for a short? Follow those wires all the way back to a ground and see if you have a short anywhere. If you aren't getting power to those wires then you know it has something to do with those wires, so at this point I wouldn't think about any peripheral systems or components as much as looking for a short.
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    I can not get my 1988 Chevy Camero to start. I just changed out the fuel filter, and that didn't work. I need to know if my fuel pump is inside my tank, or outside of the fuel tank, and if it is something I can get to.
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    I believe, if my memory serves me right, the fuel pump is in the tank. You can use a trap door method and carefully cut a hole in the hatchback floor over the fuel pump or drop the tank if this is the case. However, two things:

    Are you getting turnover?
    ----If yes: fuel/spark related
    ----If no, dead battery, bad starter or short in the starter wiring.

    If turnover:
    ----Check power to fuel pump
    -----------If power to fuel pump, then check for spark and look at distributor/plugs/wires.

    Good luck!
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    1992 Camaro RS, 6 CYL., will not turn over. The fuel pump was replaced about 300 miles ago, which was over 6 months ago. Obviously the car hasn't been driven much, and was sitting in the driveway. A couple of weeks ago it was started, driven around the block, but died about four houses before we got home. You can hear the fuel injectors working, it cranks, but it won't catch and start. We have put in more fuel (it was near empty) and "thumped" the fuel tank, but nothing happens. Now the Check Engine light is on.
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    If the check engine light is on, then grab codes. List them out here. Do yourself a favor and make sure the gas is still good, too. As far as not turning over goes (providing that you KNOW your battery is good) it is most likely a bad starter or a bad wire/ground. Check for both. Good luck!
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    Thanks for the response. It turns out that the Camaro problem was the distributor cap. I guess also that the wires connecting it were bad. I would think that the old one should have lasted more than 9,000 miles, though, Unless whoever did it before didn't really do it. It's been hard finding a mechanic who knows what he is doing down here. Thanks again.
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    Nice, yeah those wires will get ya every time. Checking for those bad connections is the way to go first. Glad I could be of assistance. :) Enjoy your camaro!
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