Chevy TrailBlazer Fuel Pump Problems

arholdenarholden Member Posts: 1
I have a '99 Trailblazer with 118K miles. In Sept 2008 I had problems with it not starting when I turned it on. Gauges were fine and it turned over, just didn't catch. It would take a few tries. There were also problems with the fuel gauge not reading correctly when it got down to a 1/3 tank or less. Mechanic diagnosed it as the fuel pump and replaced it.
Kept having problem with the fuel gauge, even though the truck was starting fine after that. Wasn't real thrilled with the mechanic, so went to a new one in Dec 2008, who ended up replacing the fuel pump again because it needed a new fuel gauge bobber-thing and the first mechanic had only gotten a regular fuel pump, he hadn't included that bobber piece. So a 2nd fuel pump took care everything. $1000 on two fuel pumps in the span of 3 months.
Now for the past few weeks it is back to not starting again. When it has sat for several hours it starts right up good and strong. But if I'm running errands or something where I'm in and out of it, it takes several tries to get the engine to catch.
I went to a chain tire place yesterday for new brakes and tires and when I came and picked it back up the manager said the fuel pump needed replaced.
Why would a fuel pump need to be replaced again after just a year? Is there an underlying issue that could cause the truck to tear up the fuel pump? I do not have another $500.


  • ebrixebrix Member Posts: 2
    you can replace just the fuel level sending unit but the fuel tank still must come out. the float sender can be purchased at a chevrolet garage . I have replaced mine 3 times before they said i could buy just the sending unit. :)
  • charbear1charbear1 Member Posts: 1
    Two questions. Kind of a weird issue and I'm guessing it's the relay. Have replaced this ridiculous GM design/located air pump twice over the years in my 2004 Trailblazer (140K mi).

    1. When I turn the vehicle off and remove the key, after about 30-60 secs, I hear the pump running. I noticed this after twice having the battery drained in the morning after the vehicle sat overnight. Need to check out the pump and relay but it's not too easy to get to with the vehicle on front ramps.

    2. Until I can get to it, I just unplugged the fuse for the pump. No more battery drain. I'm sure this is hurting gas mileage a bit but this is my wife;s main hehicle and she drives it 3-4 times per week for <10 miles roundtrip. Longest the vehicle ever gets driven is 20 miles roundtrip. That being said, are the any issues with just leaving the fuse unplugged? I mean, aside form being a good citizen of the earth and possible causing increased emissions ;) which I'll risk living with. With this kind if usage, do you think I might be doing any kind of damage to the vehicle.

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