Mazda CX-9 Power Lift Gate Problem

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2010 CX-9 with Power LiftGate... I am having sporadic problems when it is not locking properly. iIt goes up and down without any issues, but doesn't lock (just beeps). Once in a while i have to reset the ignition for it to close. Lately i just have to close it manually like a regular trunk door. Thinking to take it to the dealer to be checked out.
Any suggestions please?


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    do you use a cargo mat or similar accessory? sometimes the mat sticks out a bit and interferes with the closing mechanism (makes it think there is something obstructing the rear hatch door to close).
  • nikolay23nikolay23 Member Posts: 11
    I have a cargo net in the trunk. I don't think it might be causing any issues, but will double check anyway. Anything else that might come in mind? I guess the warranty should cover this.... It is just a pain taking it to the dealer considering that my local Mazda service is along with Toyota and is probably packed now due to Toyota's gas pedal recall.
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    I'm having the same problem with my new 2010 Mazda CX9 Touring and I've only had it four weeks. When I close the hatch with the auto close button it will close but apparently is not latching. You can hear it tryng to latch but it doesn't seem to engage. Start the engine and you get the "door open" warning. Have to manually lift the hatch and slam it shut a few times. Taking it in to the dealer tomorrow for repair.
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    It is either an adjustment issue or the latch needs to be replaced.
    Either way, bring it in.
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    Update to my post of yesterday regarding the rear hatch not closing properly. I took it to the dealer today and they called me and said it was a defective latch assembly and have ordered a new one. They kept my car overnight until the part comes in and it can be fixed. Possibly a recall issue???
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    Not every repair issue (even if it is wide-spread) is a "recall" issue.
    Usually, a recall is called for if it is safety-related.
    "safety-related" can be defined very loosely. A stop light that has tendency to go out frequently can become a recall. A power-lift gate that cannot be closed properly is probably not gonna be a recall. A TSB, for sure. A power-lift gate that pops open while driving is probably a recallable issue. :P
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    All of a sudden my problem went away after 2 days. Could be something got stuck in the latch maybe. In any case, it is been fine since.
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    Mine has been doing this the last couple of days. I think there is a mechanism that pulls the hatch shut that isn't working - only sometimes. When it works properly, after the hatch closes you here a hum - that is the mechanism pulling the hatch snug. When it doesn't work, you don't hear the hum and you hear 3 beeps and then you have to push the hatch for it to latch.
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    I just wanted to join the group having power liftgate problems. Same issues & I'm dropping it off this afternoon. I'll let you know the outcome . Car only has 650 mi.
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    The fix on my liftgate locking problem was to adjust the guides on the liftgate & the rear opening. 2 on each side of liftgate & 2 on each side of rear body. Hope this is a permanent fix!?
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    just had an issue with my liftgate today... only 1400 miles.. never had an issue with it before but now my liftgate wouldn't close... not even manually... i tried gently pushing it down but it won't... it just goes 3/4 of the way and something seems to be stuck. bringing it to the dealer on sat but just wanted to see if you guys had any thoughts on this.

  • cericceric Member Posts: 1,092
    The motor is torque-sensing.
    When it encounters resistance, it goes backwards.
    Clean the struts. If no help, bring it to the dealer.
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    My 2010 Mazda CX-9 has an auto open/close power liftgate. The manual says it has a jam safe feature that keeps it from closing if it hits into something, and causes it to open again. I tested it out after it almost closed on my son and could not stop it from closing. Does the CX-9 have this feature and mine is just not working, or is this something that has to be added or programmed? Thanks in advance for any insights!
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    As I said above, it is torque-sensing, not remore-sensing by ultrasound or anything like that. It actually will hit something (a person, maybe) and reverse if the reverse torque is big enough. Kind of like the elevator doors.
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    Hi all,

    Same problem here, 2010 CX9, 8 months old. Taking it to the dealer next week, as my wife and I were in a parking lot after a shopping trip this past weekend opening and closing the thing probably 10 times, like two fools, only to have it keep not latching and doing the 3 beeps. Finally we gave it a gentle push and it latched. Our salesman had said NEVER EVER push it, so we were hesitant, but it clearly was not going to latch on its own.

    Meanwhile yesterday we used it again and it latched on the first try. Either way this has been an intermittent recurring problem, so I hope it's something they can fix.
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    I have to correct myself (what I posted above).
    The PLG is both torque-sensing and presseure-sensing.
    Torque-sensing is easy to understand. Once it encounters resistance, the motor reverses itself. The pressure-sensing is based on the two pressure strips on both edges of the PLG. Put a little pressure on them, the PLG reverses itself.

    For drc1017,
    The latch is not properly aligned. Dealer should be able to fix it if they can reproduce it (says in a extremely cold day or hot day). If not, find a better dealer.
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    I've had my 2008 CX-9 for four years, and the mount for the hatch back power lift ripped out of the sheet metal of the hatch. I use the power lift several times each day and the sheet metal seems to have fatigued and given out. We purchased an extended warranty from the dealership (when we bought the car), and it's with First Extended Service Corp. We were told that it covered everything that the original warranty covered, but are now being told this problem is not covered. Mazda estimates $2-3k for this repair!

    Anyone else with this problem, and how did you resolve it?
  • margiemc333margiemc333 Member Posts: 2
    FYI: Mazda decided to replace the hatchback for free!
  • tonymogletonymogle Member Posts: 14
    My 2007 Mazda auto lift gate motor runs halfway up then
    stops with the 3 beeps. It will not lower the lift gate
    at all and gives 3 beeps. The latching mechanism seems
    to work fine. We have removed the motor module which seems
    to work fine. The gearing seems to be working smoothly. It
    seems to be an electronic issue. Any suggestions beyond
    buying a new motor module?

  • bothell2007bothell2007 Member Posts: 1
    The same issue happened to my 2010 CX9. I am going to take it in today to have it looked at. The power lift sheered off from the hatch. I hope I have the same luck as you did with Mazda replacing it for free. Do you have more info that you can give on your experience? Thanks
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    Had both problems mentioned in this thread. Many times the rear door wouldn't close with my CX-9 2010. At 97K miles in 2016 the power lift-gate screw that holds the hydraulic arm sheered of the hatch door literally the metal broke. It looks metal fatigue from use. If anyone knows an affordable fix or a way to weld please let me know I am no spending $2000 in fixing the door in a 97K miles car.
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    I have a similar problem. I have a 2012 CX-9. I have the door ajar light on my dash, when I put the car in gear it will beep from the lift gate, so I believe that is where the problem is. The rear bumper was just off while some body work was being done, are there any connectors around that area?

    The dome light is not on during this.

    If I click the lock button or drive and the autolock kicks in, the beeping stops.

    Thank you,

  • Jamanauto7Jamanauto7 Member Posts: 1
    Hello everybody im new and i want this last one please .. i hope somebody can help me .. 4months now im looking for this part thank you
  • YovanniYovanni Member Posts: 1
    I have 2011 cx-9 the tailgate opens halfway then closed. Can anyone tell what’s happening?
  • Steves2341Steves2341 Member Posts: 1
    I bought a new CX5 last August and It has less than 1200kms due to the lockdown. Recently, the tailgate opened on its own in my garage causing the tailgate to hit my garage door and scratching the tailgate. I just wanted to find out if this has happened to other owners as Mazda is denying liability.
  • hollismalinhollismalin Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2010 CX9 and it has a parasitic battery drain. We have narrowed the problem to one 15 amp fuse but this particular fuse handles a lot of systems. I believe we have further narrowed it to the liftgate latch/lock. Has anybody else had this issue? If so how did you fix it? Thank you for your help! This has been a huge problem and I am at my wits end how to fix it.
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    We have owned the CX9 for about 4 years and it has always had an issue with closing the liftgate properly.
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    I have a 2010 CX9 and it has a parasitic battery drain. We have narrowed the problem to one 15 amp fuse but this particular fuse handles a lot of systems. I believe we have further narrowed it to the liftgate latch/lock.

    Exactly which fuse has your attention, and how did you identify it as the suspect circuit? I looked at the door locks schematics, and the power liftgate schematic and none of them show a 15 amp fuse. The power liftgate fuse (20amp) and the meter fuse (10amp) which are in the fuse block behind the right hand side of the dash. The door locks also share the meter fuse and use the Engine IGA and mirror fuses (both 7.5amp)

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