Power Window on Ford Expedition

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Hi. Let me start by saying I know nothing about vehicles. My husband is in Korea right now and I've been working on this problem for a few weeks. About a year ago, the power window on the driver's side came off the track. We took it to a local dealership (the vehicle is a 1999) and they "glued" it or something. Less than a year later, it came off the track again. I took it in and they said the motor needed to be replaced and the door needed a new latch. I had this done ($530). My son drove the Expedition away from the dealership yesterday. He tried to open the "repaired" window but it would only go down a few inches. It almost seemed like it was catching on something. He kept pushing the button to get it to go down (thinking it might be frozen) and then the window popped off the track again. I took it back to the Ford dealership. Now they say I have to pay $334 to replace the window and the mount because the mount is too damaged. Does this sound like the mechanic's fault? Shouldn't they have noticed how bad the mount was when they fixed it this last time? Should I pay for this?


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    Sounds to me like when they reinstalled the window it was not positioned properly in the track / clips that hold it and it bound up on the way down. Their position will be that you forced it. Your position is that it was installed incorrectly.
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