Mazda5 Wobble/Fishtail

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I own a 2009 with about 30,000 miles. Purchased when it had 25,000. Does anybody else have a problem that when they go over a bump it feels that there is a rear end wobble, almost feeling like you are about to fishtail? I experience it at all speeds, and both when i'm driving straight and when taking turns.



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    You're about due for a wheel alignment. :)
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    I have this problem and a wheel alignment doesn't cure it. It's like driving a vehicle with a solid-beam rear axle rather than independent suspension.
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    the only time i have felt like the back end was about to fishtail it turned out to be one of the shocks starting to leak. I noticed it first when i went around a corner and i was going over the slight indentations that trucks leave in the road. mine was the back left one and it was when I was making a left hand turn.
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    I'm slow to respond to this post, so you may have corrected the problem already.

    If not, I had the exact same issue with my 2007 Mazda5 Sport. Bumps made the car very twitchy – it felt like the back end was going to jump out. The dealer reviewed the problem and replaced both rear shocks which eliminated the issue.

    Good luck.
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    I have been having this problem a lot. It is getting really scary. Every time I go over a bump it feels like the car is going to fishtail out of control. Took it to the dealer when we first started having these issues and they claimed we were imagining it. It's very real. Glad to hear I am not the only one...
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    as the above post said, it is the rear shocks.

    I couldn't figure it out at first because they looked fine. I jacked up the vehicle to inspect other problems. After about 15 minutes in the air, with the shocks fully extended, the left one started leaking oil. so that means the seal was blown.

    I replaced both with Monroe replacements rather than the OEM. Fixed the problem and I hope the Monroes last longer.

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    I have a 2010 Mazda 5. Every time I drive this around I have the same issue. This was a day 1 issue. The vibration can be felt at all speeds.

    The vibration can be felt all over the vehicle. I have taken this to my dealer several time, sometimes at 200 miles interval. Dealer does not see any issues except the real wheel alignment is out of the way.

    I can not believe how can the alignment go out of the way with 200 miles of driving.
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