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Hi All!
I have a 1998 Cadillac Deville, base model, and the cluster lights just went out on it. Just the center section where the fuel gauge, speedo, coolant temp, and all that stuff in the middle is at. The lighted panels on either side works fine. I checked the cluster fuse in the trunk and it appeared to be fine.
I tapped the dash a few times, figuring it would jog something, nothing happened.

I took someone to the bus stop and when they got out and shut the pass. door it seemed to try and light for and instant.

Do I need to replace the cluster or is there something else that may be the problem somewhere. Also are those things, clusters, hard to take out?

A response ASAP would be great! I need it because now I have to let my wife use my 03.

Donald W


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    Did you solve your problem. This just happened to my Cadi. Thanks
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    does anyone know how to troubleshoot or how or what to check if the center part of the cluster doesnt work? please let me know...[Email removed]
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