'09 Chevy Suburban adding power outlets?

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The Suburban came with three cigarette outlets, two on the ft. console, one at the rear of the vehicle. I bought some outlets from Gall's, want to add an additional one to the front between driver's seats, and one behind the passenger seat. Other than taping into the existing lighter circuit, where is a good place to tap into for power. I'd rather not go directly to the battery but would like to find an existing fused circuit that is hot all the time. Would be nice to find an accessory ckt with a 20/30 amp fuse that is not being used. I want a clean installation, could come off the back of the inside fuse panel. Would be used for electronic devices, not hi current spotlights or lighters. Ideas?

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    Must be trim level dependant.

    In the front cabin of the vehicle my 07 LTZ has the two on the front panel, 1 inside the center arm console, and 1 on the back side of the center arm console so the 2nd row can get to it. I have a 3 in 1 adapter that I plug inside the console if I'm really going crazy with power....that way all the extra power cords stay inside the console.

    Without looking at the electrical schematics, how about looking into the front power seat circuitry, or perhaps if you have a 2nd row bench seat, the power circuitry that flips those seats down.
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    The area on the front panel is too busy, that's why I don't want to just plug other devices into those two sockets. I like your idea of placing the additional outlets inside the center arm console.

    It's not that I'll be drawing a lot of current, but have lots of devices that need power. I think I'll add three outlets inside the console like you suggest. I'm thinking of adding the second one right above the drink holder which faces the middle seats. Since I don't need all that ampacity, I'll probably tap into the same outlet, not like I'll have high powered spotlights plugged in, and if I did, I'd use the main sockets in the front.

    I wish I know the gage of wire feeding the outlet in the console, guess I'll know when I open it up.

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    If there are more ideas, I'm still open to ideas.

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    I wish I know the gage of wire feeding the outlet in the console, guess I'll know when I open it up.

    Whichever circuit you connect into......that fuse size will dictate the minimum gauge of the wire to be used, use stranded wire (as opposed to solid wire).
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    With the older AGC type fuses you could always use a 1/4-20. When I first heard the name from a sailer, asked what it was. It was the universal fuse that would replace any fuse and never blew out. It was a 1 1/16" long 1/4-20 bolt with the head cut off! The only thing that came close was using a foil chewing gum wrapper wrapped around the fuse. Don't think the trick works with the new modern plug-in fuses.

    For automotive use, stranded is always the best as it won't work harden from vibration and possibly crack as with solid wire. Same on aircraft, never use solid wire.

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