1986 Dodge truck Light problem

datrollmandatrollman Member Posts: 3
hey i could use some help i have a brake light that doesnt come on when you step on the brake but comes on when you turn the key on or into acc i traced the wire from the back to the front and did some trouble shooting and located the same wire at a large connection under the hood i just recently baught this truck and could use some help if any one has had this problem.


  • datrollmandatrollman Member Posts: 3
    im posting this so if anyone else has this issue i figured it out its in the steering colum the blinker arm is broken so its actualy grounden out and causen the issue. id say thanks for all your help but since i didnt get any help id just thank myself.
  • maine_farmguymaine_farmguy Member Posts: 1
    I'm in process of removing tranny from 98 Dodge 2500. Think I have everything disconnected, have torque converter unbolted, have all bolts out of bell housing. Its loose, have tranny on a transmission jack, can move it around a lot, but it seems to be stuck at a point on passenger side, above the horizontal midpoint (would be at 10 o'clock if bell housing was viewed from front of truck.) Any idea what may be keeping it joined?
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