2005 Silverado Z71 crew cab drive line clunk

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every once and while when it shifts from 2 to 3rd or when downshifting, the driveshaft sounds like it clunks. it has done this from when it was new to now 60,000 miles. the dealer always said its normal. have we the consumers found a fix for this problem yet.


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    It usually goes away after 4-5K miles. The fact that yours didn't may indicate a different cause as surely you've past the break in period. Did you ever have the clunk on acceleration from a stop?
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    it doesnt do it all the time. sometimes you hear and feel it when it shifts from 2nd to 3rd and then at times when its downshifting. it could happen if i am hard or light on the accelerator. i had it at the dealership probaly 5 times while it was under warranty but they always say the same thing. "its normal" i read in other forums a few yrs back that this is common. just wondering if anyone figured it out as of yet.
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    The "clunk" is the front driveshaft yoke snagging on the output shaft. Change front yoke to a "nickel Plated" one that is available at the dealer. The clunk will go away. :shades:
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    any idea on price on that piece? you say front yoke. to be specific its the font yoke on the rear driveshaft. not the front driveshaft for the 4x4. so to replace that front yoke i need to remove the driveshaft and then remove the ujoint. thus replacing the yoke. if this is what is wrong would i see a shinny spot somewhere on the old one where it is clunking?
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    The Yoke here in Canada is about $550. at the dealer-- only place I found one available. The "klunk" is caused by the internal splines binding on the output shaft splines. YES it is the rear drive shaft and to replace it -- it is done how You discribe. I did not see any shinny sports on Mine but it is possible. The nickel plated one has more "slip" to it. It cured Mine perfectly.
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    wow 500 bucks for this part. i dont think i will be replacing it unless it will cause damage if left alone. this is definalty something that chevy should have taken care of while under warranty. instead of saying "that is normal". everytime i brought it to them while under warranty they always said the same thing if money was comming out of there pocket.

    now for the past 10k miles my abs has been comming on at low and dry speeds. i just diconnected one wheel sensor. this made the light come on the dash. so i took the dash out and put black electrical tape over the light under the dash overlay. this way you dont see the light and you dont see the tape.
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    Seems to be in rear end during shift from 1-2 and at downshift sometimes. Is this the yoke spline problems or is this very sloppy tolerances in rear end?? Is there really a fix for this? Have 44k on the truck.
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    I just recently bought my silverado and have also noticed a clunk only from a dead stop under light or heavy acceleration. It doesn't do it all the time, it does sound like it comes from the rear end.

    Is there anyway to check the yoke at home or should i just bring it in for a mechanic to check things over? This clunk bothers me when it happens.
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