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Yukon - No speedometer, odometer-won't shift to 3rd

daly124daly124 Posts: 2
edited July 2014 in GMC
I have a 2004 GMC Yukon 4WD...the speedometer and odometer stopped working(the other gauges are fine), and the transmission will not shift into 3rd gear. no check engine lights...I replaced the VSS sensor which did nothing. Could it be the cluster? Would a bad cluster stop the transmission from shifting?


  • I am now experiencing the same problem with my 01 tahoe. Please tell me you figured it out and have an answer for me.
  • daly124daly124 Posts: 2
    My problem was the wires under the vehicle going to the VSS sensor were apparently cut at one time, and then reconnected with butt connectors. However, they were never protected from the elements, and as a result they became corroded, giving sporadic readings. I just reconnected the VSS wires and insulated them properly.
  • Last year there was a recall due to speedometer failure. I believe it was the cluster that was recalled. Check with your dealer on this recal. Ours was a 2004 also.
  • nitros77nitros77 Posts: 1
    Yes I think it will.I am in the used auto parts buis and those speedo's are a common issue we sell them rebuilt all the time..
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