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I had a question about the climate control for Nissan. I have a 2009 Altima with Climate Control. What I understand from the manual is that the A/C is automatically turned off, so does that mean that when the temp is trying to get hotter, shouldn't the A/C light turn off? My A/C light stays on while trying to get to a hotter temperature and I wasn't sure if this is normal or not. Can anyone else confirm whether they see this also?



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    Do you mean you have the "Dual-Zone Climate Control System" with Auto, or do you have the "regular" single-zone climate control system? My response will be geared towards the latter; let me know which system you have.

    The air conditioner will run anytime it is commanded to when:

    1: You have the push-button depressed to illuminate the AC light, regardless of airflow position setting, or selected temperature (the AC light will be on at all times)


    2: You have the airflow position setting in either Defrost, or Foot/Defrost and the temperature is above 36 degrees. (Note that the AC light will NOT illuminate when the system is activated in this fashion).

    In either case, the selected temperature has no bearing on whether or not the AC turns on or off; the AC system will be activated as noted above, and the system will automatically cycle the AC compressor as needed.

    Review pages 4-11 through 4-20 in you owners manual for more info. (As a side note, you can download manuals free from Courtesy Nissan HERE)

    Let me know if this helps you, or if you want more info (there's more to the system operation than this).

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    Thanks MN.

    I actually meant that I have the Dual-Zone Climate Control System. I should've been more clear.

    What I'm trying to find out is if, while in "auto", the A/C light is supposed to turn off and on while adjusting to the temperature that is trying to be reached. According to page 4-19 of the manual, it says "The temperature of the passenger compartment will be maintained automatically. Air flow distribution, fan speed and A/C on/off are also controlled automatically."

    Any idea?
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