Toyota Sienna ETCS-i Electronic Throttle Control System

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I own a 2004 Toyota Sienna XLE. I have been watching the news about the recalls on certain Toyota model vehicles and so far the Sienna is not on the list. While the brake pedals are being blamed by Toyota officials for the problems with acceleration. Experts are saying its the Electronic Throttle Control System that is causing the acceleration problems. I called Toyota today to check and see if my vehicle also had this same type of throttle system which people are questioning and it does. I am concerned with the safety of my vehicle and why if many other vehicles have this same throttle system they arent all being recalled.


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    ok this is scary stuff if in fact the electronic system is failing then why would or could it not fail on all Toyotas not just the ones they have recalled. see atttached link require-new-brake-systems.html
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    Search the NHTSA site and you'll find complaints of sudden acceleration for virtually every model on the market. Pretty soon we'll recall every car ever made. :D
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    IMO their problems are not over, yet. I feel you will see more models added, including our Siennas. Nor do I think this recall will fix all the incidents they have had.

    If this should drag out with more models and or more issues, etc. eventually the devoted, die-hard Toyota owner will leave the stable.
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    I'll give ya $500 for your Sienna, sight unseen. ;)

    My bro-in-law is shopping and he's hoping prices dip.
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    I too have a Toyota Sienna 2004 and am concerned about the Electronic Throttle Control System on my vehicle...what can we do to ensure that it is replaced for all of us?? I have called my dealer and they will look at my vehicle for a fee and no doubt I will have to pay for any replacement...also the software that they are down loading to cut of the fuel on Toyota vehicles that are part of the recall for uncontrolled acceleration does not apply to the 2004 Sienna SOOONow what???

    I have had 2 to 3 uncontrolled accelerations ( although very minor and the vehicle did correct itself) I am concerned that this is not being addressed in the current hearings and that there are not enough complaints with the NHTSA because not enough of us thought it to be a big issue at the time of occurence...
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    If it was very minor it may just have been the elevated RPM during warm-up periods. I don't think that's the same as long as it's 1700rpm or less.
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    I am stunned by the complete ignorance...I have repeatedly had to be restrained from throwing objects at the TV while they aire those damn Toyota Commercial tell us how much Toyota loves us and is doing their best to fix the problem Blah Blah Blah! They are fixing it because they got caught! But what shocks me even more are the number of people lined up at the Toyota Dealership buying Toyotas. Seriously what is wrong with these people! The cars have the exact same braking systems, the Siennas have been documented as doing the same thing, the Siennas are not on the recall list. But because Toyota is giving them a few hundred bucks off the list price and 2 years free maintenance people are giddy with delight. It just proves how stupid the American public really is...and ps. I'm American Too! Just not stupid enough to ever buy another Toyota again!
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    Feb sales were down 10%.

    So it's had an affect, but the sky is not falling.
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