Mazda CX-9 Lifter Noise

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We purchased our CX-9 in August and have approx. 7800 miles on it. I noticed that when the weather started getting colder the lifters chatter quite a bit for a while when first started up. The oil has been changed twice by the dealer. Is this a problem or should I switch over to synthetic oil?


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    I have noticed the same noise on our CX-9 that has 3000 miles. I am taking it in this weekend for the first oil change. I will ask them about it and see what they say.
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    I am not sure but maybe this helps you out, it a long read but it may be worth reading:

    Engine Knock

    or this:

    Engine Knock II
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    Could it be a sticky valve?
    Drop a bottle of Gas Treatment ($1.5 each) on every fill up for a few tanks, and see what happens.
    I do that on every other tank of gas.
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