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Saab 9-5 Sedan



  • pearson244pearson244 Member Posts: 16
    Dealer in Maine took $6,777 off sticker, I test drove the car(25 miles on the clock) and fell in love. Have owned a 2000 and 2002 ARC sedans, both with V-6's. I did not know what I was missing. (But, I had basically zero problems with both cars, despite all the neg. comments on the V-6)

    Seats, power, handling, braking, HK sound system all super. Options include Visibility package, metallic (Titan Gray) paint, Automatic and roof rails. Sticker was a little over $41K. ;)

    At $2,400 (dealer cost) the Nav.option seemed overpriced and you lose the in-dash 6 disc CD (goes into trunk) and the XM radio, so I did not go for that.

    This is a lot of car for $34,300, the net price, and a blast to drive. I could not be more pleased, the changes in the suspension and other components make this Aero feel like an entirely different vehicle than other Saab's I have driven.

    Regarding previous message, Saab has not yet developed a protective strip for the leading edge of the hood. Had one applied to my 2002 but the 2006 redesign requires a new shape.

    Has anyone out there in Saab land used a K&N filter with the High Output 2.3 turbo?

    Love this car!

    Complaints: Miss weather band and SID display.


    Cape Elizabeth,Maine.
  • frederickunltdfrederickunltd Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 9-5. I recently purchased a new air filter, but the owners' "manual" doesn't mention how to go about changing it (among other shortcomings in this "manual", but that's another story). It appears that the filter is accessed from beneath the vehicle, just in front of and inboard from the right front wheel. Is this correct?
    Thanks, Bob
  • sch_robertsch_robert Member Posts: 2
    My saab has just hit 150k miles ( it looks great and was running very well) though lately I have been having a few problems, one of them being that in the morning when i start my car start driving and shift to second gear, the car will shake a lot like I didn't give it any gas just clutch ( i do give it gas) and then it is usually fine for the rest of the day. isn't really much of a problem, just really shakes me out of my drowsiness in the morning haha.

    Anyway my second problem is the much more annoying one I don't notice it until we have a hot day like today, but in very hot weather my car runs very badly, I will start into first and it will have the RPM at like 1500 going into it, then drop to like 900 RPM then rocket up to 2500 ( aprox) rpm then i will shift and it will do the same them, drop the rpm real low, then shudder up to speed. basically the car runs like crap in very hot weather, when the day starts to cool down the car starts to run better and better until its back to normal.

    Now i took it to the dealership with these problems and they gave it the 150k check up replaces plugs and such, and for the first day i got it back it ran GREAT and I mean good as new, no shudder when i started in the morning no volatile power in the weather, and as time went on the problems started coming back. haha anyway, if anyone is having any problems similar to these or has heard of these and knows maybe a way i can suggest to the dealership to check for that would be great, but I got the impression that the 150k checkup they checked EVERYTHING and sorta curious to how they did not find any problems. Anyway thanks in advance! ( I apologize for the size of this post, and thank anyone who has taken the time to read all the way to the end)
  • vtdogvtdog Member Posts: 163
    I am the original owner of a '93 Volvo 850 with about 125k miles. The car has given me great service, but it is getting time to change. I went to local Saab dealer today and drove a 9-5. The cost for the 9-5 vs the Volvo S-60 are about equal with the rebates and dealer knock off, etc.

    I don't know anybody with long term experience with a Saab and am hoping for some insight as to long term reliability, cost of ownership, dealer network, etc.

  • pearson244pearson244 Member Posts: 16
    Pretty quiet out there, not sure if that is good or bad, re: your request for Saab information!

    I have had three Saabs,all 9.5's, over the last 4 years. I have been very happy in terms of local dealer (Portland Saab), have found they depreciate pretty badly (so bought first two used/certified). For me, esp. after two Audi's, the dealership experience is important and I find the local dealer to be very good.

    If you're shopping for a sedan make sure the S-60 backseat is OK,I drove one and liked it but the back seat was tiny, OMO.

    Good luck.

    (Test drive a new '07 or '06 Aero if you can, great vehicle, only 5 ;) years overdue)

    Jim ;)
    Portland Maine
    07 SC Aero
  • crestonavecrestonave Member Posts: 209
    I own a 2003 Saab 9-5 3.0 V6. It was a demo that I bought off the showroom floor with about 8k miles on it. I'm very happy with the car overall - no major problems so far. I've always serviced it at the dealer. Change the oil every 6 mos or 5k miles at the dealer (synthetic). Currently have about 51k miles on the car. Don't drive a lot, obviously. The car handles very nicely and is a little rocket ship. Dealer service has been vg to excellent.

    If I were in the market today I'd certainly consider another Saab. I'd look for something that I liked that was about 1 year old with under 10k miles so it's still under the bumper to bumper warranty. Of course, sometimes the incentives to purchase new make it cost effective to purchase a new car, so you need to do the math and compare. I would also strongly consider the Volvo XC 70 Cross Country. I've always liked that car and would have bought one except that they've always been severely sluggish and underpowered. There will be bigger engines available in the 2008 XC70, so I'll certainly consider that as well as the Saab.
  • swankshopswankshop Member Posts: 3
    Since 1973 my car ownership follows:
    1973 to 1982 - 73 145E Volvo - 190,000 miles
    1977 to 1989 - 76 242 Volvo - 170,000 miles
    1982 to 1992 - 82 Mazda GLC? - 110,000 miles
    1985 to 1992 - 84 245 Diesel Volvo - 120,000 miles
    1987 to 1998 - 86 900 Saab Hatchback - 140,000 miles
    1992 to 2004 - 92 965 Volvo - 130,000 miles
    1996 to present - 97 900SE Saab - 110,000 miles
    2000 to present - 00 9-5 Aero Sedan - 45,000 miles

    All of these cars have 4 cylinders except the 6 cylinder 965 Volvo and 84 diesel Volvo and all have been excellent in every way and have had no major repairs. I have an excellent small garage nearby for maintenance. If you get either a Volvo or Saab that has been taken care of and free of accidents you will be a winner but you must continue to maintain the car well. The cars continue to get better as the technology improves with time.
  • saabgirlsaabgirl Member Posts: 184
    I'd go back to the dealer. Strategy: don't let the dealer get into a cycle of replacing the same Saab part and sending you on your merry way. Follow the common-sense theory that it's unlikely for the same part to fail repeatedly (whether it's the infamous DI casette or whatever) so the problem has to be elsewhere in the system that the failing part is a piece of. Avoid coming across as someone who should be driving a Honda Acord. Confidently state your expectations -- don't shrug and haha. To build confidence, you might want to visit Saab dot net. It has a passle of mechanic-posters who have taken these quirky critters apart and put them back together again. At the very least, their specialized discussions will put you in a better position to confidently talk diagnosis and treatment with your dealer. You don't have to be right, necessarily, just reasonably informed. There are technical experts on some Edmunds threads who will advise posters on problems, but my impression is that this isn't so on Saab threads. (Apologies if I'm wrong on this.) Saab ownership requires a certain amount of pluck, but some of us think the rewards are worth it. Good luck.
  • sch_robertsch_robert Member Posts: 2
    Thank you for your help, i did do this, turns out what was wrong was the clutch and the turbo equaling something like 3k in repairs, so looks like I'm going to be selling it ( the car isn't even worth 3k anymore, no point to fix it up) anyway, thank you for your help.
  • nickp33nickp33 Member Posts: 1
    I am in the process of buying a 2003 Saab 9-5 Linear (2.3t). It has a little over 48k miles and the cost is only $12,400. I am buying my in-law's off of their lease. I'm just paying the residual. I have a few questions.

    1) Is this a good deal?

    2) I have the option to extend the warranty and certify it...does anyone know the cost of this and should I do it?

    3) My mpg computer claims that I am only getting about 17mpg. This is hwy and around town combined. I've only driven the car for about 100miles. Could there be something wrong with the car. This is far less than the 22mpg I would expect.

    All answers and advice appreciated!

  • pearson244pearson244 Member Posts: 16
    That seems like a fair price to me, I have found Saab residual's to be good deals. Certified warrenty seem to range from $1,500 - $1,700 in my experience. I would go for it.

    MPG seems low, I would clear it out and drive the car for a little longer. I don't know what you are currently driving but I have had very good luck with 9.5's and am on my 3rd one.

    Jim in Maine
  • pengwinpengwin Member Posts: 74
    im looking to buy a 2006 saab 9-5 aero used from a dealership, its not certified, has 13k miles and is 27k. My 2 questions are, is that a good deal, and does the factory warranty "roll over" to me when i buy the car and can i purchase an extended warranty through a dealership closer to me?
  • crestonavecrestonave Member Posts: 209
    I thought "certified" was only applied to cars that were no longer covered by the original factory bumper to bumper warranty. Perhaps I'm mistaken. In any case, the original Saab bumper to bumper of 4/50 will pass to you.

    As to the extended warranty, are you buying this car from a Saab dealership? If so, I would venture to guess that any warranty you buy from them would be honored at any Saab dealership.

    I personally would never buy a third party extended warranty. You could check with the Saab dealership where you plan to service the car and see what they'll offer you.

    Good luck.
  • pengwinpengwin Member Posts: 74
    Well its not a "certified" 9-5 but i have seen some 2004 certified saab's so im guessing certification is based on weather the dealership wants to certify the car or not.

    Yes i am buying the car from a Saab Dealership and i wanted more warranty coverage than the standard. Can i ask the dealership the "certify" the car? Or would i be better off just purchasing an extended warranty?

    why would you not buy an extended warranty?
  • pearson244pearson244 Member Posts: 16
    Saab Certified is a better warrenty, but the vehicle must be approved by Saab for the Certified plan, most 04's would be eligable but depends on milage. In the case of an '06 you cannot get it certified as it is still under the original warrenty. At a later time you will be able to purchase an extended warrenty (has to be prior to 50,000 or something like that), I would buy from dealer. I believe the 06's have a 100,000 mile powertrain warrenty too but not 100% sure. I have an 07 Aero wagon,same vehicle,love it.
  • saablcpsaablcp Member Posts: 195
    ANY Saab that is current model year or any of the previous 4 model years can be certified (2003 would be the oldest eligible year)providing the car has less than 60k.miles and passes the Dealer certification checklist.The fact that the car is still under factory warranty is irrelevant.Coverage is for 6 years or 100k. miles from Original warranty in-service date.Coverage is identical to original factory warranty with the exception of Audio equipment.
  • georgekgeorgek Member Posts: 50
    The '06 powertrain warranty is 50K. The 100K warranty began in '07 along with all other GM products in the USA.
  • pearson244pearson244 Member Posts: 16
    Thanks for clarification on Certified, sure seems like a good way to go.

    Do the 06's or 07's also have "free" maintaince for oil changes, wipers, etc.?
  • crestonavecrestonave Member Posts: 209
    I believe the 06's and 07's include scheduled maintainence for 3/36. This does not include wear items such as wiper blades, etc. but does include oil changes, etc. Check with the dealer or the Saab website to be sure. Right now they appear to be giving lots of cash back or super low financing.
  • mppaul2mppaul2 Member Posts: 2

    I'm purchasing an '05 9-5 Aero with 33k miles, Touring, Cold Weather, Nav and Certification for $27433 and the dealer 'gave me' lojack free. Is this a good deal?

    Thank you in advance,
  • mtgmanmtgman Member Posts: 18
    I'm leasing a 9-5 Aero, automatic, ventilated seats, rain-sensing wipers, power everything, excellent shape, silver, tinted windows, new tires (I own winter wheels and tires as well), currently have 32,000 miles. My lease ends Dec 07. Residual value is $16,820.
    I like the car (third Saab I've had). My busineess pays the lease pmt.
    Is a price of $16,820 a "good deal"? Could I feasibly buy it and try to sell it 3-6 months later for a small profit?
  • pengwinpengwin Member Posts: 74
    I dont know the depreciation on Saabs but i'd always go for ~2k under what the dealer wants to sell the car for, haggle with the dealership, and im sure u can get it for ~15k
  • mtgmanmtgman Member Posts: 18
    I misled you.
    My company/me makes the lease pmt. I/my company can buy at the end of the lease for $16,800
  • arizonaaeroarizonaaero Member Posts: 1
    Hoping I can find someone to tell me a definitive answer to a nagging issue.

    Recently purchased an '07 95 Aero with all the trimmings, and love it (my 3rd Saab)........however, the one irritation is that at night, the steering wheel is completely dark, while the rest of the car back-lights. My dealer says this is "how it was made"....but yet, my previous 9-3 had the same wheel, and it DID backlight.

    Is this the best Saab's flagship can do?
  • djb5djb5 Member Posts: 1
    My daughter has a 2000 9-5 with 92,000 miles. She replaced the head gasket 2 years ago at approximately 50,000 miles. It is now leaking again. She does not drive the car hard. She has a 27 mile commute each way to work. Any one have similar problems with head gaskets on the 2000 Saab 9-5? Thanks in Advance Don Barnard
  • pearson244pearson244 Member Posts: 16
    Close friend has same problem at 50K, 9-5, but the V-6 engine, 1999.

    She was not a hard driver either, and kept up with service intervals.

    Dealer got Saab to kick in portion of cost.

    Which engine do you have?
  • clejonclejon Member Posts: 1
    Intermittent. Limp mode and then it goes away. Car drives normal but Engine/Transmission Lights stay on and shift level indicator light stays in park. If I stop the engine and restart, shift level go to any gear bu light will only go to R, D and 1. Any idea what is going on here. this problem only occurs from cold start and lights come on before the engine even starts.
  • fran8fran8 Member Posts: 2
    We are looking for thoughts of whether we should purchase our 9-5 when it comes off lease. The car will have about 45,000 miles, we have serviced the car according to the onboard display, and replace the break pads at 37,000. We heard a rumor that these cars may have problems with the turbo charger and internal cabin heating sensors. Any experience/suggestions?
  • crestonavecrestonave Member Posts: 209
    You don't mention what year your car is. I have a 2003 Arc V6 which I bought from the dealer in 2003 with 8k miles on it. I now have about 54k on the car and still enjoy driving it. I've kept up with scheduled maint at the dealer. I also have him do an oil change every six months (synthetic) no matter what the mileage is. I'm very pleased with the car overall and I've had no major problems. Knowing what I know now I'd buy the car again in a heartbeat. Every car is different but if you haven't had any major issues to this point I think that's a good sign.
  • saabhoustonsaabhouston Member Posts: 1
    My Saab 95 has started to make a loud high pitch whiining/buzzing noise when in park or in neutral. When shifting into gear the sound stops. any ideas of what is causing this? Thank you
  • waterdrwaterdr Member Posts: 307
    Sounds like a bad bearing on a pulley such as the alternator.
  • captainunclecaptainuncle Member Posts: 3
    Hi all,
    I have a 2002 9-5 with ~ 68K miles on it. Car runs like a dream for the most part, but I've noticed something peculiar (and a little alarming) on occasion. After exiting the highway and stopping at a stop sign, I've noticed that the engine noise gets loud for a bit - there is then a whirring sound like a motorcycle from the engine - and then magically, everything returns to normal. :confuse: Car then runs fine. No idea what's causing this - taking it to an independent mechanic to troubleshoot. Has anyone had a similar experience?
  • psivartpsivart Member Posts: 1

    I am thinking about puchasing a 2000 2.3l Turbo 9 5. The car has 168,000 miles though. All highway miles. Exterior/Interior immaculate.
    Car lived in Boston first 7 years. I am not sure of service history, but can I get another 100K miles out of the car without dumping loads of $ in to it? I can get the car for $4K. The current owner is the second owner and has had no problems thus far...I would just ahte to get it home and then....I've owned three other Saabs and love the cars, just don't have any experience with the 9 5.

    Any thoughts?

  • zenezene Member Posts: 2
    I have a saab 95 Aero, 2000. For the past two weeks or so, I'll start the car in the morning, reverse out of the driveway, put the car in drive...and all that happens is the engine revs, car doesn't move...then suddently jumps forward and drives fine?!??! A couple times it also did that when I just slowed down to turn a corner (then it felt like it was going to stall). I thought it may have been related to the cold weather; when this started happening it was about -15 overnights, but it's warmer now, and there is no difference. The car has had always had it's regular maintenance. Can anyone tell me what could be causing this?
  • sweetseetsweetseet Member Posts: 9
    Sounds like a bad switch. There is a switch that registers what gear you are shifiting into (i.e reverse, drive). Sounds like you have a faulty one...not a hard part to replace but got to get it from a dealer.
  • zenezene Member Posts: 2
    Well, it does what I explained earlier when i switch gears...but it's also stalled twice when I slow down to turn corners (soon after I leave my house). Also, it has lagged a couple times getting on the highway...doesn't pick up speed quick like it did before this problem started...then jumps forward slightly and catches on. (automatic transmission). Any thoughts? Thanks so much for your input!
  • h20man5h20man5 Member Posts: 1
    2001 Saab 9-5 with 87000 miles.. I have had this car for 7 months.. have already spent almost 2000 on it. It now is hard to start in the mornings for the first start but gets better through out the day. It is in a garage which is about 45 degrees right now. It will emit a bit of smelly white smoke with a slight smell of fuel upon start up and will run rough for about five seconds until it seems to get ahold of itself... any ideas... thanks
  • sweetseetsweetseet Member Posts: 9
    you need a turbo. approx $1200.00 through the dealer...but I have been taking my car to Ramsey Mazda....they have Saab techs there and their labor rate is cheaper so I save. I just feel more comfortable with the warranty on parts that dealers give....I have been screwed by local shops before.

    Good luck!
  • jscottkjscottk Member Posts: 13
    I have a '99 Saab 9-5 SE with 117K miles on it - just recently it started sputtering when I hit the gas and rpm's hit around 3000. It seems to do this less when I'm in the 'sport' mode. Any ideas?

  • foftrefoftre Member Posts: 2
    If the turbo was not the problem...we have a 2001 9.5 six cylinder..there was a recall on the IDM's in the 9.5, although SAAB has said it didn't relate to the 6 cylinder, both the IDM's in my 9.5 went out...one in Nov 2005 shortly after receiving the written notification that the IDM's were defective (SAAB paid for the replacement). They refused to replace the other IDM saying it wasn't defective, but the 2nd one did go bad in Mar 2008 at about 85k miles...I'm trying to get my money back from SAAB now. Next time, I'll buy a Volvo. I don't like doing business with a company who won't stand behind their product. It really burns me that they knew the IDM's in my vehicle were defective but wouldn't replace it at no cost because 'sorry your VIN# isn't on the list'...I've initiated a complaint with the Federal Consumer Protection Agency and am looking for other SAAB 9.5 owners who have had this problem. Hoping to lodge a class action suite against them.
  • foftrefoftre Member Posts: 2
    My husband and I purchased a 2001 SAAB 9.5 new in Oct. 2001, drawn to the auto for it's safety rating. In Oct. 2005 I received a letter from SAAB informing me that the IDM was defective on the SAAB 9.5's. The letter stated what to watch for and to immediately stop driving the car and get service if the engine started firing on only 3 cylinders. They said I would be receiving an official recall letter in the near future. Within 2 weeks of receipt of the letter, one of the IDM's went bad. I had to pay a local repair shop to run diagnostics on it, but SAAB eventually paid to have it towed to their dealer for repair at no charge. We asked them to replace the other IDM while they were at it because we didn't want to end up on the side of the road. They refused saying our car wasn't officially on the recall yet. Fast forward to March 2008. While on the way to a sporting event, the car starts shaking and check engine light comes on. We immediately know it is the other IDM. Fortunately we were close to the dealer, drove there and left the car. The dealer was kind enough to give us a loaner to get home if we promised to return it the next day, which was a Saturday. Since their repair shop was closed for the weekend, it was Monday before they could repair the auto, which was indeed the 2nd IDM gone bad. The dealer charged us $315 because our VIN # was not one of the ones with the recalled IDM. They said I needed to take it up with SAAB USA. I wrote SAAB USA a letter, attached a copy of the repair invoice and the original letter to me stating the IDM was defective. They called a week later and said there was nothing they could do because my VIN# was not on the recall list. I tried to explain that just because our VIN wasn't on the list did not mean the IDM wasn't defective and that the fact that both IDM's failed clearly indicated they were defective just like they said the in letter I received in Oct. 2005. However, they refused to do anything. Therefore, my step has been to contact the Federal Consumer Protection Agency filing a complaint. I'm not looking for other people who have experienced this same problem to see if we can get a class action suit against SAAB. This is unacceptable customer service. I will not buy another SAAB. I will not do business with a company who fails to stand behind their product even when they know it's defective.
  • cmemmdcmemmd Member Posts: 1
    I am considering purchasing a pre-owned 03 saab 95 aero that is at a Nissan dealer. I have never purchased a certified pre-owned vehicle before. When they are certified and are covered for 45,000mi powertrain, is Saab honoring this coverage, the Nissan dealer, etc?

    Also, any feedback about this car before I purcahse?
  • jwooda33jwooda33 Member Posts: 1
    My 2001 9-5 Saab Aero is currently at 80,000 miles. For the past few months, I have been experiencing a strange stutter while I drive that feels as if someone has cut off the gas then released it very quickly. The car gives a little jerk then keeps going. Today, while I was at a red light, it stopped completely. I quickly restarted it, but it was very unsettling. I have replaced the DI unit 2x, the water pump, the radiator, the heads 2x, etc. I also give it a steady diet of synthetic oil. Has anyone else experienced this shutter and what did you do about it? I took it to my mechanic last month and they couldn't find anything wrong with it. :sick: But I'm afraid it might quit while I'm driving it on the highway
  • saablcpsaablcp Member Posts: 195
    The only place you can purchase a Saab Certified used car is at and through a Saab dealer.....NO exceptions!The Nissan dealer is playing fast and loose with the definition of what "certification"means. The other point would be that even a Saab dealer cannot sell an '03 model under the terms of Saabs program.The program covers current model year and 4 previous model years('07,'06,'05,'04).You are basically being offered a service contract with a more attractive,and very misleading,name!
  • fran8fran8 Member Posts: 2
    What does "Saab Cerftified" from a Saab dealership really give you? Also, I thought there was a mileage cutoff, not just 5 model years on cars which receive SC.
  • captainunclecaptainuncle Member Posts: 3
    I've had a similar problem with my 2002 Saab 9-5 (with ~68K miles on it). Symptoms sounded exactly like yours - had it checked by a mechanic when the check engine light came on eventually. It was caused by a faulty crankshaft position sensor. Got it replaced, car seems to behaving well now. Should cost you ~ $120, not too bad. Do get it changed - the good news is that the car should switch into limp home mode, and not quit on you completely first.
  • saabgirlsaabgirl Member Posts: 184
    Just speculating here on Saab CPOs which go for six years or 100K from date of service. I think it's correct to say that right now Saab will only CPO cars that are 2004 or newer.

    But suppose that an '03 Saab had been turned in at the end of its lease, been CPOed (good for 6 years or 100K) and resold. Then suppose the second owner in 2008 trades it in for another brand. If mileage is under 100K isn't the CPO still valid until 2009 on this 2003? So the trick would be to take the VIN and check with a Saab dealer to find out if the car ever was CPOed by Saab and if the CPO is transferrable.

    CPO terms are on the Saab CPO site. I've heard owners (and even a Saab dealer) argue that they'd rather set aside an emergency fund instead of pay a premium for the CPO warranty. Others say the new car warranty on a used car is well worth the price. The right choice for any particular person, I suspect, is contingent on how comfortable they are with a wrench in their hand.
  • cdyoungcdyoung Member Posts: 9
    I am in the process of replacing my heater bypass valve. Does anyone know of any special precautions for refilling the cooling system. My older saabs had air valves which allowed all the air to escape when refilling. Please let me know your experience. thank you. BTW 99K and extremely satisfied with my car
  • stncreations1stncreations1 Member Posts: 1
    Hi it looks like I have that problem too but can you tell me the part number because my mechanic change the output shaft sensor and got rid of the light but the symthom ist still there some times please thank you.
  • tourney9000tourney9000 Member Posts: 2
    Just bought a 2006 Saab. Has the nav system, but no DVD came with the car. Are all DVD's compatible. For example, can I buy a 2005, 2006, 2007, or 2008 DVD and it will work. I plan on buying at ebay, is that a wise move?
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