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    One thing you can do is to report your defects to the government's national highway and transportation safety administration. The website is

    When others log on to the site, they can see the problems of other owners to see if they are alone.

    This goes for problems with all cars.
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    I would question your dealer on this one.
    Why is the car being repaired for the same thing so many times? This is the service department.
    I've got a 99 9-5 also. If your in a larger metro area, try another dealer. You got to wonder why a dealer would also state "this is the worst car he sells". I also find it hard to believe that those Audi's are trouble free. My dealer (West County Motors, St. Louis) states the 9-5 is the least troublesome car in all the cars in the Saab and Volvo line (only two brands the shop services). I have had only one service call in 14K miles (14 months). The new issue of Consumer Reports backs this up good stats on the 9-5 also,(auto buyers guide 2001) giving the 1999 Saab excellent marks, in every category.
    I agree with you though, I would not own any of those cars, Saab, Audi, Porsche, Jag or MB without having it under full manufacturers warranty. Been burned in the past (this is my third Saab in 14 years) The repairs and service are all too much. Time I added it all up, It cost me less to lease them, and replace them in 36 months.
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    hi saabe,
    i did get the snow tire package at about this time last year for my aero
    the car at the outset felt spongy....
    but in a few hundred miles you get used to it.....the spongy feeling applies only to back roads.
    as far as deep snow,i have had it in vermont and my old 97 caddy (lemon ) with all year round tires climbed my backroads better than the saab with snow tires.
    all i can tell you is that 17 inch tires and even 16 inch tires are not that good in snow,even if they are snow tires.
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    Alright I know this is kinda cheesy but the new factory leases give a $30/month discount to current owners of Audi, BMW, MBZ,& Volvo's but not to anyone else. I am on the fence for leasing a new 9-5, w/ the 00.9% interest rate weighing heavily on my decision; however, I feel discriminated against because I don't own one of these other cars?? I just can't get myself to pay $30/month more than the next guy just because I didn't buy one of those makes last time. I wonder if I have a case for implied "socio-economic" discrimination? Any class-action lawyers out there?(Just kidding) The Ironic thing is that because of this I may become the owner of one of these very same vehicles that Saab is trying take customers from. I find it odd that Saab wants buyers who currently own only specific other vehicles rather than just being happy with a BUYER period!Sorry for the rant.
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    Anyone out there have a good buying experience(which translates to getting a good deal) from any Saab dealer in the LA area. The best deal I have found is $1,600 off MSRP on a '01 9-5. Is that the kind of deal others have experienced in other markets? $2,300 over invoice doesn't seem like a good deal to me. Thanks for any input.
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    I have a 2000 saab 9-5 wagon, does anyone have any advice on a remote start system?
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    Sure - you have a case. Maybe not legal but an easier one to win IMO. It should be easy, when you've decided that you will lease if you can get the better deal, Just tell the dealer you will go ahead as long as you get that deal. If it's available under the circumstances you've described, I can't imagine they wouldn't extend it to you. You just have to be a little bolder in your negotiating and clearly get the message across that your walking away if you don't get that deal. All they have to do is lower the price a bit. Too many times people think that a lease is a lease and that there is no negotiating on the Price in which to base the lease on.

    Best of luck
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    i think the best place to get this item is in sicily,italy.
    or,in chicago.
    they are used extensively in those places.
    they report that for unexpected reasons,some times the cars blow up when the remote start is activated.---must be lemon units.
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    I am gonna have to get my cousin Vinnie to look into that ;-)
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    but I actually made that offer and they Refused! I got up and walked out of the dealership. They would not lower the cap cost an additional $1,080 which is what it would take to equal a $30/month reduction. They said Saab financial wouldn't budge and neither could they???I consider myself a decent negotiator and am not about to pay $1080 more just because I didn't buy a certain vehicle in my past.Thanks for your input.I have e-mailed Saab corporate about it and am waiting for a response.
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    Have you looked around at all for leftover 2000s? I did a December deal last year for a '99 and the dealer both came in under my price point and undercut my preapproved credit union rate.

    Just a thought.
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    >>but I actually made that offer and they Refused! <<

    I suggest that you always remember to honk your Volvo horn when passing the Saab dealer. Also, I'd probably reroute my daily commutes to make sure I pass them everyday.

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    First, all the current lease and finance information is on the Saab USA website. Residuals and money factors can be obtained from your dealer. I have some but they are for 2000 models and are now 90 days old. Some finance companies change their residuals every 30 days.

    Regarding Saab loyalty cash and the special offer for owners of competitive cars, it's offered by SFSC, not your dealer. Even if they wanted to do the deal, the dealer wouldn't get it approved by SFSC. Writing Saab USA or SFSC is probably your only hope. Your dealer knows what he can and can't get away with; if he walks you, it's over. Find another car if you feel discriminated against. Oldsmobile's are nice.
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    I think that giving a special discount to owners of other makes is *truly* stupid. I hope this geinus-level GM marketing will not now be the norm for saab. What about alienaiting current, loyal owners? What about making current 'brand x' owners buy audi/volvo/etc because they are cheaper without the discount available for owning one? Craziness!

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    rtd1- Haven't seen any 2000 around but thanks

    dski- that's funny, I may do that

    dhanley- agree completely!

    bretfraz- I think I'll just try another dealer, I will most likely find one that will discount the cap cost another $1,100 to equal the $30/month discount. And I agree, the backseat of your mother's Oldsmobile was nice....
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    Based on some previous postings here, I had my tire pressure at 32 psi. Today I blew the sidewall out on one when I hit a pothole. The tire shop that replaced it suggested that I set the pressure from 42-44 psi because of the wear on the sides and lack of wear in the center. Any comments/ suggestions?


    P.S. I am considering a 9-3 for my wife due to the great military discounts. Anyone have one of these as well? We are moving back to PA from HI, and I am assuming it will be a good car for her there in the winter.
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    I think I've been in this discussion before. I am running 40 psi in my Aero for normal everyday driving with two people in the car. I run higher than recommend pressure for improved handling, fuel mileage and tire life. On the Aero I raised it up from my initial setting of 36 to 40 after hearing all the talk about ruptured side walls. I don't have many miles on it yet, about 3800 so I can't comment on what that will do for center wear, etc.

    As to the side wall damage question, increasing the pressure will help though if you hit something hard enough, I suspect you could still rupture them. I would also recommend going to a more performance oriented tire the next time around. That should get you a stiffer side wall and hopefully more resistance to damage. The Pilot HX MXM tires the Aero comes with in American are designed to combine performance with the American love of the boulevard smooth ride. This means soft side walls.
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    Thanks for the input. I only have 7000 miles on mine and I can see the side wear, so I am going to run them at 42psi for awhile.
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    have got 20,000 miles in my aero.
    good even wear.
    on long trips i used to run 40 to 41---
    recently 38.---all around.
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    Does anyone know if this includes current owners who lease an Audi or BMW? Or just those that have actually purchased the car? What does Saab need for this deal, copy of Title?

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    The Park Assist on my 2000 9-5 Aero has failed for no obvious reason. The SID pings twice when shifting into reverse, then displays the "Park Assist Failure" message. The lenses are all clean. Anybody have any ideas as to where I could start looking for an easy fix, or is this more likely to be a dealer-only solution? Any thoughts appreciated.

    Meanwhile, the regulars here may remember my frustrated postings here and on the maintenance board back in August (now archived at: /direct/view/.ee998c5/0) regarding the kick-back from the shifter when engaging the clutch after shifting into third gear hard against the stop. Surprisingly this has lessened over time and now at just over 4000 miles I have to report that this has now completely disappeared. Odd, but encouraging news - I think.

    At the time the dealer had no explanation and could suggest no solution. Eventually, at around 400 miles, I got SAAB involved. They offered to replace the gearbox for new under warranty. But it remained the same even after that. I eventually got to drive a 2001 9-5 Aero manual and this proved the dealer's claims that they are all the same to be entirely true. In fact this one was worse than mine. However, over time, the effect has lessened to the point where it really has now completely disappeared.

    In 4000 miles the only other problems I've had have been hot air at the rear vents with the cooler on (fixed by a software patch); a squealing power steering pump (replaced under warranty); a noisy ACC pump (replaced under warranty, but still characteristically noisy); a vibration from inside the rear offside door when the stereo is pumped up; the Park Assist fail; the thunking fuel tank (which I chose to live with rather than have the foam baffles installed - SAAB claimed this solution would render the computer innaccurate); and an annoying squeak from the dashboard around the steering column which comes and goes. No sign of an ECU failure and no stalling to date. Relatively encouraging news I think.

    Only real fault is the engine mountings: far too spongy, making smooth driving an art in busy traffic. SAAB should upgrade these in line with the sports suspension - if you want the softest of rides, it's unlikely you'd buy an Aero, so why do SAAB compromise here?

    That said, I really enjoy driving this car. It's well past break in and it really does move. I have one major complaint these days - it's only a 15-minute drive to the office each morning...

    Happy Christmas, drive safe, and enjoy.
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    Saab has a TSB on the squeeking wood dash. I had the problem around the stereo area and the dealer installed some foam strips and then reattached the wood trim. Much better now than before.
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    I just purchased a 9-5SE with ventilated seats and have 2 questions. The ventilated seat feels like it has a bar across the middle - has anyone had this experience. Also what is the experience with cell phone and on star. Is it best to disconnect the on star system? Does the on star cell phone emit radiation to passengers in the back seat?
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    Where is the best place in the Los Angeles/San Diego area to sell a "cherry" 2000 9-5 aero? I've driven it for a year (8,500 miles), enjoyed it, now it is time to move on.
    [email protected]
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    I would try posting on the Saab network Only costs $25 and hits Saab enthusiasts.

    Drive Safe,

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    That was meant as a joke, right?

    FWIW - Does anyone else HATE this new format at Edmunds? I'm amazed at how difficult it is to find the topics I frequent here. There's no way to put in place marks,etc and the new font and format makes it extremely difficult to read and find topics. I've found that I don't frequent Edmunds nearly as much as I used to now.

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    well,i read about the failure of headlights on 9.5 last week and today i got a message from the computer HEAD LIGHT FAILURE----
    sure enough my driver'sw side headlight is out.
    bought an h7 for $10 ,made in korea , all that was available here,and when i pulled out the old one and had it tested because it looked good ,i find that it is good.
    so ,now i have a date with a saab dealer in vermont ,where i am now, to look into this. the service guy tells me that he never heard of this---buy a saab and learn----
    ---any thoughts out there of where the problem is,or any previous experience ?

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    I believe the headlight circuit looks at the difference in current between the two sides. Any difference in resistance, like a ruddy contact may tiger an alarm.

    Drive Safe,

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    Personally, I like it. It's not perfect but neither was WE. I'm getting used to it daily.

    Have you guys been reading the posts in News & Views? If so you'll recall that Edmunds had absolutely no choice but to change. WE was dead and there was no more tech support (I think the designer was Prospero and most of their staff resigned or was let go). Anyway, it was change or die. And with 450,000 subscribers they couldn't let TH die.

    Anyone who thinks that Edmunds made this change just for the helluvit or because they had lots of free time is so far off base, they're on another planet. WE was long dead and on life support. I for one am glad Edmunds pulled the plug.
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    my last post on this stupid to get at site...
    it was the bulb that was defective.---and,i was rold by the dealer to expect the same every year due to the daylight running lights-----where can i get some russian lada bulbs ? they last forever
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    Why not just pull the fuse and kill the DRL's? End of problem.
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    in posted this message on the wagon site and i invite comparisons----

    for the 30,000 and 60,000 mile service my dealer in connecticut charges $ 700.00.


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    The dealer here in NM wants $680 for the 30K mile periodic service.

    Our local indie mechanic charges $150--we go there.

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    First question is if people find the 4 cylinder 185 HP engine adequate in the 9-5 sedan and/or wagon or is it worth it to step up to the SE V6 ? I can get a 2001 SE -V6 with about 4,000 miles on it for about a little under $37,000. It's a dealer loaner , which he said he'll part with for dealer cost ( MSRP was $40,215.00 ) Is this a fair price on a slightly used car ?Other dealer loaner is a 4 cylinder 2000 9-5 S wagon with 10,000 miles for $32,500.00 . Are we in the right ballpark ? Thanks !!!! Richard
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    No, you should be able to get a brand new one cheaper than that, with discount pricing and rebates. The loaner should be substanatially cheaper, to account for it's rental-like use.

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    thought i let you know that my car went in for service today and came out with another new computer----second ecm recall in 2 months.
    i was told that the new recall is to prevent the car from dying on the road.which is what happened to the first unit.
    again,second recall of the ecm in 2 months.

    and,the 9.3 is available with $6,000 off retail .any 9.3, 2001.
  • bretfrazbretfraz Member Posts: 2,021
    I have an SE and like it a lot. The torque is great for passing and the engine is smooth and quiet. I feel I get the best of both worlds; a luxury-car feel as the engine turns low RPM but with the performance I want when the turbo comes on.

    I drove an '01 9-5 base for a few days and thought it was nice but it didn't have the torque off the line that I prefer. There was plenty of power after the engine got spinning which is typical of 4 cylinder and high-revving V6 engines. I guess it depends on your driving style and preferences.

    Also, be sure to carefully compare optional vs. std equipment. The SE comes std with features that are optional on the base 9-5. That could easily eat up the $$ difference between models.
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    Take your FOB and place it up under your chin, right in front where the jawbone is. Now click the button. It'll double your distance. Don't belive it? Try it. Your head acts as an antenna.

  • dskidski Member Posts: 414
    > - activation distance by guruka Jan 13, 2001 (03:03 pm)
    Take your FOB and place it up under your chin, right in front where the jawbone is<

    I'm sure that doesn't look a little silly. It falls under that catagory of questions: What made you think to try something like that? And Wonder Who was the first person to try it? Lastly I'd have to wonder if I'd want my Brain used as a booster antenna. LOL, but you got me, I probably will try it just to see if it works but I'll make sure no one is around first.

    We had the old style remotes with our '99 but lost one. I ordered the new style and like it. I have noticed the distance is greater if you point the back of the key towards the car. Now, if you point the back of the key at the car and put it under your chin, be careful not to trip and stab yourself in the neck with the key. LOL

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    Dealer has a 9-5 Areo 2000 with vented seat and 17 inch BBS wheel options. It is a 5 speed (my preference) with 8500 miles and was put into service March of 2000. Right rear wheel has "curb scrape" on about 1/4 of it; otherwise it is like new. Red/Tan. They want $31k. Is this a good deal, bad deal, great deal, horrible deal...

    Does anybody know the 48 month depreciation % for this car.
  • bretfrazbretfraz Member Posts: 2,021
    I used to use it 15 years ago when remote car alarms became popular. Back then the transmitting range was only a few feet so the under-chin trick worked great. And if your alarm "falsed", which was frequent, you didn't have to run all the way to your car to disarm.

    I can't imagine brain damage for 2 seconds of transmitting. Standing in your kitchen waiting for the microwave to finish your Marie Callendar's meat loaf does much more brain damage than a little remote.

    Finally, your brain is not the booster, your feet are. Your body is used as a ground and acts like an antenna to extend range.
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    My girlfriend has a 1996 Saab 900SE and the water pump needs to be replaced. Can anyone give me advice or direct me to a website where I might ask for advice on replacing this myself?

    Much thanks,
    An edmunds Subaru town hall guy:)
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    Does anyone have personal experience with this adhesive film? I bought a set for my 9-5 but I haven't put them on yet. I'm wondering if they will get scratched by the headlight wipers. I mean, Saab made the lenses out of glass instead of plastic for a reason. I'm sure they work for stone hits, but what about abrasion resistance?

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    is this a take off of DUNE .except that they used this trick to blast the enemy....
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    Hi Wohlf - the deal on the 9-5 seems pretty good. I think it is hard to compare because there aren't many deals out there. If you do a search on you will see that the best asking price is about $33,000. I picked up a 2000 Aero with 1500 miles, BBS, and 5spd. I'm very pleased with the car!
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    At my 40k service to my '99 9-5 the service guy tells me that I need new front brakes. A good portion of driving is commuting highway, so I'm a little suspicious. Then he tells me that Saab rotors are thin and can't be ground upon pad replacement, so new front brakes are going to cost $605!!! Is this true about the rotors?
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    If you don't have any pulsing when braking then I would change the pads and keep the rotors. If the rotors are damaged, I would go to and check on one of their sponsors. I am sure you can get a good deal.

    Drive Safe,

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