Ford Explorer 4WD v 2WD Ride Quality

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I'm want to buy a 2007 Explorer Limited, but I seem to be running into a lot of 4x4's. Question is ( does the 4x4 and the 2dr have the same smooth ride?)


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    I just recently purchased a 2006 Explorer Limited V-8 4WD (used). I have had 3 4WD vehicles over the years, and this is by far the smoothest ride of any. The Explorer has independent rear suspension, which is a huge plus for ride quality.

    Generally 4WD vehicles are not as smooth, as they have more gears and mechanical equipment in the drive system, but the Explorer is as smooth as silk.

    If you live where you never need 4WD, then go for the 2WD, otherwise stick with 4WD. It will have better resale value, as lots of folks want and need 4WD, but cannot afford the price of a new vehicle.

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    ">modulator. How much should I pay for one? i would love to have it repaired with the new modulator so the front wheel drive would work like stock. It is very clean and runs great it came with the German version of the 4.0 engine and should last another 150.000 mile if the rust doesn't get to it first.

    I had my Explore since 1993 and is is a limited addition, I haven't had too many problems just the usual wear. I take very good care of my inveastmant and it's been a great part of my family for all these years.
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