Mazda CX-9 Lights and Headlights

pdst8120pdst8120 Member Posts: 1
My passenger side light shines a little higher than the driver's side. Does anyone know if there is some way I can adjust the driver's side headlight to raise up to the same level as the passenger side


  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    You don't want your passenger and driver's side headlights aligned with each other. Typically, the driver's side beam should be a little lower and a bit to the right to prevent blinding oncoming traffic.

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  • cericceric Member Posts: 1,092
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    Exactly as tidester said. It was designed that way since we drive on the right side. The left headlight needs to aim a bit lower to avoid blinding the on-coming traffic. In countries where they drive on the left side, it is the other way around.
  • cx8_999cx8_999 Member Posts: 4
    I just got a CX9 Grand Touring, and I love the bright headlamps, but they seem to be pointed down to far on the road, giving a very short sight distance. (I'd say less than 2 seconds "distance" at 30MPH.)

    Are these adjustable and could they be out of adjustment, or are they supposed to have a very short "throw"?

  • davichodavicho Member Posts: 190
    There should be a adjuster switch on the left side by the coin tray and the TCS switch.
  • cx8_999cx8_999 Member Posts: 4
    Thanks. It was indeed turned all the way to "3". I moved it all the way to "0", but I can't tell how much of a difference it will make until it gets dark...
  • black_sparrowblack_sparrow Member Posts: 7
    We bought a 2010 CX-9 GT FWD. I have noticed that the light sensor for headlight does not work properly. It turns the headlights on even when there is sunlight outside, and dims the interior which is annoying. Does anyone else see this issue?
  • cericceric Member Posts: 1,092
    Sensitivity of auto-on headlights can be adjusted.
    See your dealer or search other forums for such info.
  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    If you cover the passenger side headlight you will still see the same effect. The low beam "high" light limiting shading apperture is like a lazy "V", left shading leg is low so as not to blind oncoming drivers but right leg allows more "upper" level light pattern.

    Headlights, low beam, have been like this forever but now much more noticeable with (required) tight focus of HID beam pattern, especially more tightly focussed projector lights.
  • dogdoc1997dogdoc1997 Member Posts: 32
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    I thought the same thing; even after adjusting they look like it only goes out a very short distance compared to my SAAb wagon?? :confuse:
  • dogdoc1997dogdoc1997 Member Posts: 32
    You know on the GT, I have a 2010 when you get out and lock it, the headlamps stay on for maybe 10 seconds as do the tail lights I notice too I think; can you set them to stay on longer as my wife sometimes gets home late or is out late; she thought that might be a good thing for safety...dogdoc
  • cericceric Member Posts: 1,092
    The duration of the residual power might be programmable.
    The default setting is 30 secs.
    Ask your dealer if this can be modified.
    Is it in the Owner's manual? I don't think so, but you should check it first.
  • circlewcirclew Member Posts: 8,666
    It's in the manual.
  • gungagunga Member Posts: 16
    2011 CX-9 - Getting Moisture in rear Tail Light in heavy rain and after car wash.
    I there a TSB for this ?
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