Side door locks

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Does anyone have the issue with just one door lock not working. When using the valet, you can see it move slightly buy not lock/unlock? I have looked for a replacement on the web but have seen price differences from $5 to $40. They offer two and five wire configurations.
Does anyone know which one for the side door so that I do not have to pull the door apart twice just to look at it.


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    I replaced the driver side sliding door lock actuator about a month ago on our 2006 Grand Caravan. OEM part number was 4717961AB. My cost from dealer was $96.05 plus tax. Dealer gave me a discount, list price was $113.
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    Has Chrysler parts. I go the auto door lock part for $54 pluss shipping. I think I paid $60 and change total. Was an exact match. Easy to put in. Keep in mind wich way rods go and make sure all springs are atached to micro switches. Took about 15 minutes total to do job.
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    Thanks for the info. Now both sides have to be replaced so I got to get the best price I can.
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