Land Rover Brakes

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We have a 2008 LR2 with about 34k miles on it. Recently after having a routine maintanence done, the dealer told us that we needed new front brakes & rotors as well as new tires. Has anyone had to change their brakes & tires this soon also? I have never had to change brakes after 34k miles on any vehicle that I have ever owned.


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    Well, it depends on a lot of factors, like how you drive, what temperatures you drive in, etc.. One tip I was told at a young age was to never brake on a bump, or it would warp the rotors or something... I have been following that, and have not had to replace the brakes or rotors on my 06 LR3. I am also very easy on the braking and gas with these trucks, and they treat me well in return.

    I usually replace my tires every 17k miles - they get loud after that, and I always want a good amount of tread on them. Seems like a short time, but the LR3 is a really heavy truck, so the tires wear fast on the crappy Goodyears they put on them from factory. I asked about putting better tires on it instead of originals, and they told me when I returned it at the end of the lease it should have the same tires on it. (I was going to put a nice pair of Pirellis on it)

    Brakes are cheap, rotors a bit more... I was told a brake job on an LR3 was about 1000$ - not sure about the LR2.
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    The brakes are fine on my 06 LR3 at 34k miles. Approx 80% of the miles are highway driving and I mostly take it easy on the brakes.

    Maybe it's my driving style. I replaced the OEM Goodyears on my 06 LR3 at 27,000 miles in July 2010. I didn't realize how noisy the worn Goodyears were. I now run P255/60R-18 Pirelli Scorpion ATR XL Great tire on road and offroad, and very quiet. $1,300 for all 4 installed.
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