Buick Rendezvous whistling upon acceleration

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My 2004 Rendezvous has recently started to make a whistling noise, which sounds like a teapot, that gets louder when I accelerate and does not stop until I break. This noise was quite faint a week ago and no one could hear it but me. Today, my husband noticed it too and I believe that it's gotten louder. Thoughts?


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    Might want to get a few of your local mechanics to perform a "sound check" on your vehicle's whistling sound. If wondering, whistling sounds could be from bad water pump to bad belt to bad AC clutch. Or, it could even be from transmission or perhaps a stuck air intake sensor. All sorts of different reasons - with their own unique sound "pitch". For my one previous vehicle and its "whistling" sounds, its AC clutch was gone. When a tech changes a vehicle's AC clutch, they often change its main belt as well. Thus, an expensive total repair. But, if it has to be done, it has to be done....

    Good luck....

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    My gut says that one or more of your wheel bearings has gone bad. A common problem on these vehicles for sure.
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    I agree. If there's a "whislting sound" (like running deep knob snow/ice tires on a dry summer day) from the front only when vehicle is in motion, it might be blown wheel bearings as well. If wondering, my wife's 2003 FWD sounded like that - before it got both its front wheel wheel bearings replaced.... Before repair, our vehicle sounded like it had monster mudder tires on its front. And, it used to have lots of over steer and under steer behavior while in the fast corners as well.. After wheel bearing replacement on our RVD, its whistling sound was instantly gone...

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    Hope that you fix your whistling noise by now but if not I have something to add. I also have a 99 Buick Century and had a whistling noise that grew louder as I accelerated and quit when I stopped. It turn out to be a cracked PVC boot. $5 fix from a local auto part store was all I needed. I hope that this might help.
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    my whistling started a couple of months ago ... but it does not come from the tires. It sounds like it's coming from an intake valve or something related to engine compression. It will make the sound when I put the car in neutral and rev the motor ... it does it upon acceleration and idle. SO that is why I think it's not the wheel bearings. Thoughts?
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