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2010 Fusion 2.5L starting issue

I have a 2010 Fusion SE with the 2.5L engine. On a few occasions, I have turned the key to start the car and the starter will turn the engine but will not disengage even after releasing the key. I have to turn the key to the off position to stop the starter from turning. The engine doesn't start either. I have heard there is a technical service bulletin, but when I mentioned it to the dealer, they were unaware of any such problem. I have met a few other new Fusion owners who have had the same experience. Has anyone else had this happen and have you had it fixed?


  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,987
    It is a known problem with a TSB. Your dealer needs to check OASIS for that symptom - if they can't find it you need a new dealer.

    Just to be clear - the continued starting is normal. On the new cars the computer controls the starter after you turn the key. The problem is simply that it won't start.
  • On the new cars the computer controls the starter after you turn the key.

    Are you saying if you release the key the starter should not stop? I have never experience that in any car
  • The new 2010 Fusion has what Ford calls, "one touch" start. If you turn the key to the start position and let go, the starter continues to turn. The ECM takes over the starting process and monitors the number of times the crankshaft rotates as it adds fuel and ignition for the engine to start. On 2010 Fusion's built before August 2009, there is a problem with the starting process. On occasion, the starter will turn the engine, but the engine will not start. The starter will not time out and the only way to stop the starter is to turn the key to the "off" position. TSB 09-19-1 is supposed to take care of the issue by replacing the ground cable with one that has a capacitor in it. Fusion owners with the no-start/intermittent start issue can go to their dealers with the TSB. They should replace the ground cable under warranty. It takes 20 minutes. I'm getting mine fixed this week....I hope.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,987
    Yes, exactly. It's just like pushing a start button except you're using the key. It's just a command to the PCM to start the engine and it will do it automatically. Normally you don't notice because it starts right away.
  • Live and learn thank you for the lesson.
  • I have a Fusion 2010 6 cylinder. The TSB 09-19-1 mentioned in other posts does not work on a 6 cyclinder so says the dealer today. Sometimes when I turn the key to start it shakes violently as if it is misfiring and the only way to stop it is to turn the key to off. Another time it made a repeated clicking noise as if the battery is dead. When either of things happen it does not start. However, most of the time it starts just fine. The dealer says the computer tells them nothing is wrong and they cannot duplicate these conditions in the shop. Basically they told me to take a hike. I have brought it in 4 times already and they insist nothing is wrong because the computer says so. I am really really frustrated !
  • You may want to check the lemon laws in your state. If the car is new enough, which it probably is, and you bring it in several times for repair and it is not repaired, the dealer may have to swap it out for another equivalent car or ??? depending on your state laws. Many states have a consumer bureau to answer questions about this.

    BTW, dealers have something they call an "in-flight recorder" that is put on your car and after you've driven it and had the problem, they can dump the data into their computer and it will tell them the state of everything at the time.

    They hate using it because there is only one per several dealers. But that is there problem, not yours.

  • Unfortunately that TSB does not apply to 6 cylinders so says the dealer. Waht should I do next ? Thanks
  • Unfortunately, we bought it used in 2010 with 22K on it. I do not know the lemon laws in FL but I will certainly look into it.

    As to the in flight recorder...never heard of it but I will certainly ask them. That would certainly solve the problem or at the very least prove to them there is a problem. They actually do not believe me !

    Thanks for the info. Much obliged, Lorrie
  • Thanks for posting this. I have a 2010 3.0 and its doing the same thing. Freaked me out this morning watching it churn away on its own and refuse to start!
  • I recently bought a used 2010 Ford Fusion from another car business and I'm having the same issues. When I took it to the Ford dealership the first time, they claimed the keys needed to be recoded and that the TSB that my dealer and I informed them of didn't affect my car. The day I was returned my car, it started again. I brushed it off thinking it could just be the computer adjusting to the new codes. The other night, after eating dinner it did it again but it took three times to start it. Today the dealer called and informed me that although no codes came up on the computer for the keys, one of the keys is going out and that is the problem. I don't understand why they can't try the ground cable since it's obviously having the same issue. It's beyond frustrating not having a car and them not fixing it.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,987
    That's the problem - you just can't always count on having a competent service department. And Ford is pretty much powerless to do anything about it since these franchises are decades old and protected by state franchise laws. Frustrating for both Ford and the customer. Hopefully you can find a better dealer in the area.
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