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New 2010 CR-V owner

eabladeeablade Member Posts: 2
edited July 2014 in Honda
Hi all So i got a new CRV 10 in Dec and love it, This is my 1st Honda I've ever had so any tips for a new CR-V owner. I have had Jeep's in the past and made the switch :)

any tips will Help like oil type and stuff to do and when. I know I plan on using Mobil oil unless you think i should use something better Thanks


  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Member Posts: 2,798
    Any engine oil that fall under 0W-20 and 5W-20 will work.

    If you have a slushbox, then Honda ATF Z-1 is the only fluid that goes in there.

    If you have a real 5-6 spd manual then Honda MTF or MTF II goes into the tranny.

    If you have AWD, then Honda DPF or DPF II is the only fluid that should go in the differential. Maintenance minder will tell you when to change, but usually between 15,000 -- 30,000 miles.

    Power steering: The only fluid you should be using is Honda PSF.

    Simply, there are no aftermarket fluids that are safe for a Honda. Many claim that they comply with Honda specs, including Amsoil, but when there is a failure due to their incompatibility, they deny coverage leaving the owners holding the bag.

    It is just safer to use Honda fluids, unless you have access to "Showa of Japan" products, which is the manufacturer of Honda fluids.
  • rusurerusure Member Posts: 10
    edited March 2010
    "If you have a slushbox, then Honda ATF Z-1 is the only fluid that goes in there". If you have a real 5-6 spd manual then Honda MTF or MTF II goes into the tranny.

    To eliminate any confusion readers may have regarding your disdain for automatic transmissions, Honda does not have a manual for 2010 CRV's.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Member Posts: 2,798
    To eliminate any confusion readers may have regarding your disdain for automatic transmissions, Honda does not have a manual for 2010 CRV's.

    Well, I vote with my wallet. Honda will not see a $1 of my money. If the CR-V get to the point beyond repair, I would have to suck it up and break my ties with Honda corporation... or drive TSX Wagon (if it is available with stick, preferably diesel)
  • dreeb1dreeb1 Member Posts: 4

    Just bought my fourth CR-V. I have had foglights on my last two models. Now I'm a little ticked. It seems that adding the foglights deletes the auto headlight feature. I wish some one would have told me that it would be delelted. Or is there something wrong with the dealer install? BTW, the 2010 is a great truck. I traded in my 2007 because I didn't really like the early pictures of the 2012...
  • jjfungusjjfungus Member Posts: 3
    Hi all:
    I have just bought a brand new 2010 CRV 12 days ago. Now I have approx. 300 miles on it. However at the very moment I drove the car off the dealer's lot, with odometer registered at 11 miles, I noticed the car was pulling to the right. It pulled to the right when I made a stop, drove at 25 or 65 miles an hour on the freeway, all on level roads. I took it back to the dealer and had it aligned. But the result is the same. Now I feel unsafe to drive this car.

    To all new owners, have you experienced this problem for a new CRV 2010? Or is CRV has an inherent flaw in its design? If the dealer insists that it is alright to drive, say after 4 or 5 times wheel alignments and it is still misaligned, could I return the car back to them and claim it is a "lemon"?

    Thanks in advance for your advice on this matter.

    -An Unhappy New Car owner!
  • oldcemoldcem Member Posts: 309
    I own a 2010 LX as well - had no problem with mine. Some things that could cause your problem:
    1. Is the air pressure the same in both front tires? Did anybody check?
    2. It could be a bad tire from the factory. Way to check - switch the tires in front and see if it pulls the other direction. If it does - make the dealer replace the front tires under warranty.
    3. Check the front brakes after a short drive and see if one front hub is much hotter than the other. A dragging front brake caliper would cause this problem.
    All else fails - Have another Honda dealer look at it - you could be dealing with a bunch of idiots.

  • jjfungusjjfungus Member Posts: 3
    Hi Oldengineer:

    Thanks for your response. Your answer is well taken. I brought my cars in twice to the dealer and I believe they have done everything they could.
    The 1st time, (as shown on the report), they claimed they performed following:
    1) Tire Rotation 2) Cross Rotated Tire 3) Aligned steering wheel 4) Rotated Tires from left to right.
    2nd Time (yesterday): they did:
    1) 4 Wheel alignment, adjusted to specs.
    2) Aligned steering wheel the 2nd time and claimed that now the car alignment should be OK and there is no pulling effect and the steering wheel is centered.

    I tested drove it last evening. It seems that the alignment is getting better but at 60 mph, it is still pulling to the right, however to a lesser degree than the 1st time when I discovered the problem.

    I would need to test drive more, however, sometime I could not tell if it is the road "slanted to the right" condidtion that caused the pull. I have to drive my other car to test it and compare.

    I am soliciting idea here from you and other new 2010 CRV car owners to find out if this is a inherent alignment problem with CRV or is my car an anormaly. A new car should never have any alignment issues. Would it be possible that this defect may be caused by a damaged stablizer arm when the new car was delivered to the dealer's site?
    1) Is there a US Honda headquarter that I could file my complaint to?
    2) If I take my car to another dealer to handle this defect, would I be charged extra for another alignment job? I hope not since this car is still under warranty.

    Your comment is very much appreciated.

  • oldcemoldcem Member Posts: 309
    There should be a toll-free number in your owners manual to call Honda. If you take it to another dealer, you should not be charged. I went through this with a Chrysler several years ago, that had tranny problems. I had to go as far as filing a formal complaint against the dealer with Chrysler. The factory rep had me take the car to another dealer to be looked at. They quickly confirmed that my original dealer had made a mess out of my car, and, the factory rep. then had it repaired properly. Try to get a factory rep to drive your car and evaluate it.

  • jjfungusjjfungus Member Posts: 3
    Hi Oldengineer:

    You are absolutely correct!! Yesterday, I placed a call to Honda heaquareter at Torrence, CA and arrange to take the car to another neighborhood dealer. I finally got my car running on a straight line again.

    They found out the the tires were not aired to spec; the manager really tested the car on the freeway (several times). They did a thorugh alignment to correct what the original (where I purchased my car from) dealer's mistake. They thought their alignment machine might be out of calibration. No wonder I bought my car to the them twice, I still had the pull to the right.1st time, they did hot do anything and the 2nd time aligned my car with an incorrect machine calibration!

    I would definitely reveal my disocontent to the Honda headquarter and on the other hand, my recommendation to the latter.

    What I have learned is that never trust what they claimed they have performed as displayed on the task lists; it might not be true!

    Thanks for your advice.

  • oldcemoldcem Member Posts: 309
    edited April 2010
    Now you can enjoy your new CRV. I'm glad things worked out for you.

  • bigdog999bigdog999 Member Posts: 6
    must be a bad install. I had the foglights installed on my 2010 with no issues. auto headlights work perfectly.
  • sinker10sinker10 Member Posts: 2
    I need some advice. I am in the market for a 2010 CRV EX. I have to park outside so I want a remote starter. The dealer is going to charge us $700 for the Honda one. Another dealer told us that if I use the remote starter to start my CRV I can't use my keyless entry to unlock the door. I have to use the keyhole or turn off my CRV before I can enter...this would become annoying fast especially carrying kids around.

    Does anyone have any advice about installing an aftermarket remote start? Will I be able to unlock my doors while the CRV is running? Will the warranty be affected any? :confuse:
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