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2010 sonata jackrabbit starts

vince17vince17 Posts: 19
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Greetings Sonata owners,Bought a new 2010 Sonata 2.4. Everytime I would start from a stand still the vehicle seems to take off so abruptly. I thought the accelerator linkage might need to be adjusted but found out from another forum the gas pedal is "drive by wire" which I think means it is computer controlled ,not mechanical linkage like the old days.I really like the car ,its tight good looking and seems like a winner but I wonder if anyone else has this problem,vince17


  • You will adapt to it. It is a little touchy.
  • I am trying,this lends new meaning to being a lead foot
  • I have the SE V6, if you think about your I-4, what did it take me to get used
    to mine, a little driving time and my wifes eyes when she got pinned to the
    seat. Our other car is also a V-6 but takes more pedal to the metal. By the way
    when my wife got behind the wheel and took off she said, Ow s--t, all I did was
    laugh! LOL
  • Greetings 8 babies,I am surprised more folks havent made a fuss about this.The bride has me down for "delayed braking" I think" turning to fast "and who knows what else. Though I think her physical reactions and comments are much exagerated( and perhaps enhanced by the time of the ******). With that being said maybe"drive by wire design" is the product of very young single engeneers,.Cant imagine floridian folks navagating two tons of steel with this nifty state of the art tech.The four banger is so peppy the six must be a carnival ride.Nice to hear im not alone as I posted this also on a different hyudai forum site also HYUNDAIFORUMS.com Enjoy the car ,Vince
  • arto7arto7 Posts: 8
    A late response I know but I am looking at getting a 2010 Sonata tomorrow so I was in the forums looking for info on that model. Anyhow, I just wanted to say that I think you meant hyundai-forums.com. If you leave out the dash you get one of those generic fake search sites rather than the Hyundai community I think you meant to mention.
  • vince17vince17 Posts: 19
    Greetings Arto7 Perhaps your right maybe the site address is incorrect,anyhow still not used to the drive by wire(can you believe that?)The 2011 only come with a 4cyl,my 4cyl for the most part is fine.The car is well built.The Korean car market ,Hyundai has come along way.Hard to find fault with anything on this car,: - )
  • I have a Sonata, bought Sept '09/stick same problem, wife and I stalled a lot. I am 42 and have driven...hmm 12 cars of my own and many rentals (UK) ALL standard. This is the most difficult car I have driven to make smooth. At 17000km (one month ago) and 5th visit, under threat of going to Hyundai for next step in the complaints process,... "problem found with clutch/biting too low.." Clutch replaced under warranty!!!
    Hope this helps. Write EVERYTHING down, note all stalling, don't give up, keep going back. Also I had the accelerator module replaced at 7000, didn't change anything.
  • Cliff 5, Greetings,close to a year later still jack rabbit starts and a possible "dead "spot while depressing accelerator,its the only thing cant appreciate on the car, Vinny
  • vince17 hi i bought a 2010 sonata April 2010 and I am having the same problem brought it back to hyundai to get checked out they said nothing is wrong with it. everytime i stop on brakes it act like it dont want to stop and start shaking. i am also having a problem with my odometer. i have not gone out of town but 1 time and total miles were about 1000 including return trip miles. my car was in the shop for two months prior to the trip it went in the shop with 1260 miles came out with same mileage but get this within a week time my odometer said 2592 miles and that was before i made a trip out of town it jumped from over 3000 miles to over 7500 miles within a months time now its saying 11686 miles. I had my car 6 going on 7 months and 2 of the months it was in the shop. I was told something about the calibration might be defected. So have you had that problem or anyone reading this reply had this problem I would appreciate all the help
  • vince17vince17 Posts: 19
    Greetings Zara,Clearly something is wrong with your braking system,there should be no shaking or lack of stopping power,go to another dealer at once.My problem is smooth acceleration,very very touchy gas pedal(folks tell me I will get used to it). The other thing I noticed all my other vehicles would promptly start to slow down upon taking my foot off the gas pedal(this I believe is known as "back pressure" from the engines comppression,)well Hyundai I think has figured a way to disengage the engine from deacceleration drag,keeping the car in a "coast" mode ,thus harvesting all fowarding motion to use less fuel(though brake pads must take on the dask of slowing more often)Again bring your car to another dealer(sounds like you have a warped rotor or your anti lock braking system is kicking in prematurely)Shalome, Vince 17
  • Our 2010 Sonota 4cyl Automatic is just over one year old a has been great but for two issues. The minor issue was oncoming drivers flashing their high beams at me when I was at low. I solved this by lowering the driver's side light just a fraction with no noticable loss of vision. The larger issue is the aformentioned "jackrabbit" starts. I believe this to be a combination of quick "tip-in" of the throttle, a soft return spring on the pedal and a low first gear. Since this is a "drive by wire" aka an electronic throttle I imagine this can only be fixed by a computer reflash. In the warmer months this issue is an annoyance. On ice and snow it's just plain dangerous. Dealer says no knowledge of a fix. I'm emailing Hyundai directly.
  • Greetings old guy,My dealer was going to clear the program so the computer can relearn my "driving habits"The dealer also said if someone else drives the car they can have an effect.I still can't pull away smoothly and perhaps I will be trading this car in .Normally I keep a vehicle way past 10 years but am no longer going to put up with this ,if there is a fix for smooth exceleration please tell me vince17
  • Hi Vince. Emailed Hyundai Canada on the 1st. Waiting for response. Will post. Didn't think about a learning mode on the computer. When pulling away from a stop in poor weather I put the auto into manual mode and move out in 2nd, then put it into drive. Works fine, but a nuisance.
  • Cant see how folks can be happy with the cars preformance ,Vinny
  • Received response from Hyundai Canada today re 2010 Sonata . Referred me back to the dealer who had previously told me hadn't heard of a throttle issue and there was no fix. With Hyundai being such a progressive company I'd hoped for better.
  • Perhaps I will checkout the 2011,With a through test drive,Vince
  • Hi vince17 and others,

    I did not understand the problems you mentioned, but I want to share an issue with my Hyundai Sonata 2010 automatic 4 cylinder 175 hp. I got it last feb so its been one year. I didn't drive it much at all (around 7,000 km) and when i did i was really happy with it- i felt smooth and on highways i felt like cruising (i dont speed much anyway).

    Recently, i went to my first long trip with the car- the trip was about 1500km. In that trip i noticed that the car isnt that smooth. specially it felt like the engine was having a hard time accelerating. and the acceleration was not smooth at all. usually it was very quick and smooth from stop position, but during the trip i felt it dragging to move from stop. once it finally picked up speed, i also felt the engine was not performing well. on the highway i drove at 120km/hr with around rpm of over 2k. the mielage was over the estimation. 7.8 litres/100km on highway (hyundai says its 7 litres/100km.

    i havent driven it much since the trip so cant really say is the reduced performance permanent. should i be worried ? do you think it could be bad quality of gas?

    i dont have that much prior driving experience so can't compare with other vehicles i drove.

  • oldguy13oldguy13 Posts: 5
    edited February 2011
    Are you in Canada? ( L/100 ). If so, Canadian fuel consumption ratings are based by the Government testing (not Hyundai's) on a "best case" situation travelling at a highway speed of 80Km/hr average. To see the difference the speed can make reset the L/km setting while driving at 80Km, observe the consumption rating and then go to your speed of 120. You will see an increase in consumption due to wind resistance. Also, if your tire pressure has not been checked since the warmer part of the year you will find the cold weather has lowered the pressure leading to higher consumption. If you live in a country such as Australia where it is summer during Jan./Feb. note that hot humid air can also affect performance on any car. I have occasionally felt the reluctant acceleration you experienced, both in summer and winter but it always goes away. 24000 km. on my 2010 4 cyl. Best economy I have obtained is 6.7L/100 cruising at average of 85 on a warm summer day with low humidity and air temp around 22C (no air conditioning required). Worst is 9L/100 on a 20 minute trip starting with a cold engine and air temp of -16C, also at 85Km/hr. To sum up, your fuel consumption isn't bad. Hope this helps.
  • Hi Old Guy 13,

    many thanks for replying

    Yes I am in Canada and the driving conditions were really typical on a canadian winter in one of the trips (very windy and cold). My tire pressure etc should be OK as I just had a oil change from the local hyundai dealer.

    I am not too worried about the fuel consumption. I know very few can beat Sonata in that class.

    My bigger worry is the acceleration/smoothness issue as it affects driving experience so much. I hope the reluctant acceleration goes away soon, as you suggested it will.
  • Ok ace here is the scoop,The Sonata has a transmission recall,(got mine done while car was inspected) The recal is a reprograming of the transmission.Also is your check engine light on? (dosnt have to be). Secondly I noticed at about 42 mph the tranny "hunts" for the right command,eithier to "lock up" in gear or shift out of lock up (you will see your tach climb and here engigine rev. To me the car feels strained and vibrates with disagreement.I do not like this feeling and another reason I might trade it in.Also it is under warranty,find a good dealer who will work with you so your not slapped with a "hundred dollars please nothings wrong with your car visit" Vince 17
  • thanks Vince 17

    yes, i think its exactly the same issue- i just stated my problem in a very "non-technical" way. acceleration was not smooth at all... and at around 40-50km/hour, i feel car not responding at all if i press the accelerator. so im having to press down on the accelerator or keeping the same speed for long time before accelerating.

    ill take it to the dealer and try to explain the problem. hopefully the reproramming will improve the situation. i really like the car otherwise..so lets see..
  • Vince, is this a recall as in get a letter in the mail or do you have to ask the dealer about it? I've heard nothing in Canada.
  • I have a 2008 Sonata GLS with a 2.4. The throttle is extremely touchy indeed. I've been driving it roughly 2.5 months and I'm still getting used to it. Occasionally, I still have an unwanted "jackrabbit start", most often (for some reason) when I'm in reverse. I wish it weren't so, but I doubt it will ever change.
  • Hey old guy, When I brought the car in for inspection this december the dealer said "We have a recall for the transmisson so we are going to fix it now".They said it was a new recall even before a mailing was sent out.The tech did something with an electronic program I think.Anyhow I hurt my neck while excellerating,the car sometimes has a delay or just takes off.Went yesterday to look at other cars,Hope that helps you ,Vince
  • Greetings Ostracized, I am a bit fustrated at times with the lack of "smooth accerleration"My 2003 Kia Sedona (sister company to Hyundai) starts and speeds up smooth and fast without delays or jumps,wish my Sonata did too. Vince
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