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Navigation or After-Market Backup Camera Mirror

maugham3maugham3 Member Posts: 2
edited October 2014 in Subaru
We're about to buy a 2010 Outback 2.5i Limited. We really want a back-up camera, but don't care much about the Navigation feature that it has to come with, nor the high price. The dealer has offered to install an after-market back-up camera with display in the rear-view mirror for a fraction of the Nav. option cost. Anyone have any experience with either? Should I be worried about any warranty "voids" if the mirror is replaced? Any features that you've found very useful that come along with the Navigation?


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    ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    I think those are really cool, since you're looking there almost by instinct.

    They can probably tap the power from the overhead lights, should be simple enough.

    As for the warranty, I'd think it would only affect the mirror itself, and possibly whatever you tap into to draw power.

    I've always had luck with aftermarket stuff - power moonroofs, DVD players, etc. I would not hesitate if you like the mirror itself.
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    eps105eps105 Member Posts: 216
    See if the aftermarket mirror is made my Gentex. They are the OEM supplier for the other Subaru mirrors with the compass and HomeLink. They make an in-mirror backup camera that you may notice is actually offered as an option in the 2010 Tribeca, and so your dealer may be installing the same or similar one.

    There seems to be a lot of demand for this solution and my guess is that Subaru will offer these as an option on the 2011 or 2012 Outbacks.

    The wiring harness in the roof already has inputs for power and reverse signals (the compass uses power and the auto dimming feature un-dims in reverse) and the rear camera transmits wirelessly, so it should be a pretty straightforward install.

    Please post back here the details, how much it cost, and how you like it if you get it.

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    maugham3maugham3 Member Posts: 2
    Thank you very much for the responses. Unfortunately, we didn't get your post until after signing the order form. If the Gentex mirror was for sure going to be the installed model and the way you described the wiring, then we would have been convinced to go with that option.
    We ended up going with the Subaru Navigation package. We got a "great price" (based on TrueCar.com - sorry Edmund's) and thought it would be worth it to get the package since it also came with the Media Hub. We tend to keep cars for 10+ years and just thought there were enough features in the Media Hub to warrant getting the entire package. Now, if they could only separate the Moonroof from the Navigation package...seems so much smaller than previous models and definitely not worth the price
    We got the Subaru Navigation option at the invoice price (which still seems a bit much) but, we got the whole car at -$600 from factory invoice plus a few future goodies from the service department and a very hassle-free transaction. They didn't have any on the lot and we had to order the car from Subaru. As soon as we get some time with the back-up camera in the Navigation system, I'll post our experience. I've been hearing many grumbles about glare on the screen. We'll see very soon...Spring will come this year - right?
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    cssndrwllmscssndrwllms Member Posts: 1
    I understand your concern about voiding the warranty if you replace the mirror. However you have other options instead if you prefer. I bought a rear view mirror backup camera from http://www.tadibrothers.com The way it works is that you clip the mirror over your existing mirror so you don't need to remove anything. The quality was really good and they have very competitive prices. I bought the rear-view mirror backup camera at this link http://www.tadibrothers.com/Products/View/SKU20129
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