Jetta transmission/electrical problem

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I have a 2008 Jetta that just stops moving. You shift into gear and it will not move. Turn it off for a minute and it will go for a short distance. All the various gears (F, R, etc) on the dash are highlighted as opposed to just one. Spoke to dealer and has no idea. Have to have it towed. Anyone have this experience?


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    I just purchased my new Jetta on Dec 31, 2009.... And today the Sunroof does not open and my Odometer read 8888 across the screen. Until I pressed the reset and now it says 9100 Trip miles and 901 on my odometer. I have not driven 9100 miles in 2 months!! Has anyone experienced this problem? It’s a lease so I won’t be charged for the maintenance, but it’s pretty disappointing that I've had the car less than 2 months and already a major problem. I took it to the dealer and the guy said it was probably Electrical. So I have to bring back my car on Monday at 8am. What a hassle!!
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    Yes i have the same experience. But mine is a 2002 It shift gear and dont move. Turn it off for a minute and it will go. Our dash board get all highlighted in black and stays for a while. We took the car to the dealer and they say its the transmission that it needs a new one i believe volkswagen have to do something because we only had our car for 2 years. Any ideas in what to do!
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    My 2008 jetta has now been in the dealer's shop for over 2 weeks. They are installing a new transmission which finally arrived last Friday. Previously when I spoke with them supposedly they spoke with someone higher in VW and they told them to replace the transmission. It is still under warranty so they act like it is no big deal. A new transmission for a car less than 18 month old is a big deal. Last of my VW purchases.
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    I dont get it.... VW gladly replaces xmission under warantee and you are somehow feeling there is something WRONG with this great service????

    Comon now... you are being unfair. there is no such thing as a perfect machine on this planet. Anything can go wrong weather it is a automobile or a toaster. As long as an Automaker backs up their product, you should smile and be glad it is not a Ford.

    I assume you "negotiated" a loaner-car with them whilst they are working on your car... so you still have wheels. If not, that is your fault.
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    I had to replace a transmission in a 2008 Jetta it was 2 yrs old but had 57,000 miles so warranty did not cover it and it cost me 5,000 dollars. I recently received a letter that some trans have valve body problems. I do not like VW anymore and this was my first one, never again... I never had these problems with American cars. And the VW mechanics that i used at a particular dealership, installed a transmission then it went bad in a few days i got stranded and had to have a tow and then they installed a second one. I went through a lot and a lot of stress. i still feel that a 2 yr old car even with 57,000 miles should have not had this problem as i always take good care of my car.
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    what happened to the days when service was so good, that the service department just offers you a loaner car and she does not have to "negotiate" to get one?? If a customer needs a new transmission when a car is this new, the company should be doing everything to make her comfortable for all of the trouble that she had to go through. and yes there IS something wrong when a transmission goes out that quickly, whether under warranty or not. I am sure that she will be very worried that her car could be a lemon and then what happens when the warranty wears out? it will most likely be stressful for her to worry about this car. Anyone that has a transmission replaced that quickly on a car, will certainly have some stress and concerns about the vehicle .
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    My understanding is VW pays for a loaner/rental car if the dealer will need to have the car for more than a day for a warranty repair. So there should be no need to "negotiate" anything in that regard. I never had a problem getting a "loaner" from my dealer, why would they not want to give me a car when VW is going to pay them their rental charges?

    In fact, when one time I didn't take a loaner because we had an extra car that needed to get some use, they kept asking me every couple days if I wanted a car.
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