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Mercedes-Benz S-Class



  • rockypaulrockypaul Posts: 104
    I may have just the fleet.

    Purchased new a 2003 S-430 and a 2007 E350 Wagon, both 4-Matics.

    Not my first M-B's but as I insist on 4-Matic in all my cars and suv's my experience has been terrific in all matters: service, sales and customer satisfaction.

    E class vehicles seem to have more service bulletins and I recommend getting them to a dealer for at least an oil and filter change so that all can be updated annually.

    The S class is a truly great road trip car getting an easy 26 mpg. Oddly the E gets the same mpg on our numerous trips from NY to FL.

    Unless you buy a M-B certified preowned vehicle you will be without warranty protection. This can be expensive. There is always something that never goes wrong but does so in the one you get. The M-B CPO would get you 3 more years and 100k mi.

    A well documented maintenance record is your best predictor of future longevity. Also, a Carfax is a must.

    Good luck!
  • aeggroupaeggroup Posts: 131
    I got the same situation. My E lease coming to the end, I hate 2010 E and I'd like to buy 2007 S550 used with about 30-35K miles on it from dealer’s action and from what I see - the difference between CPO and regular car from action can be up to $15K. Even for S Class - it's a lot of repairs :))) It's not always good to buy CPO. If you got good trusted mechanic, which knows MB cars it cost a lot cheaper to fix it there instead of a dealership. Another case, if you bought your car with remainder of factory warranty - you can buy extended warranty from MB ( factory warranty, not third party ), but it cost about $3K for 3 years
  • I'm thinking about purchasing an extended warranty for my 2006 S500. The 6yr/75,000 is $3300. The 7yr/75,000 is for $3800. Has anyone had any problems with any dealers not covering what the warranty says?
  • Who are the idiots that engineered MB trunk locking systems. I bought a new $115k loaded S550 and didn't realize that MB does not offer an automatic locking and unlocking feature that ALL other manufacturers do. Even my Chevy Corvette unlocks as you approach and locks when you leave. What makes thing worse you can not lock the trunk and leave it locked. Once you unlock the cabin the trunk unlocks, should you "step away" from your car, the contents of your trunk are exposed. From time to time, I will carry large sums of money, gold bullion, golf clubs. Last week, a criminal lifted my trunk and took a $1200 briefcase with 8 car titles, my check book and a Macbook.

    My dealer was clueless as was the MB hotline. Now I remember why I switched to Lexus a few years ago. :mad:
  • Not sure what the 07 warranty is. 50k I think. Nobody in their right mind wants to own one of these potential bombs past the warranty period. The premium for an extended warranty will tell you what the insurance company thinks of their potential for a huge loss. Extended warranties are upwards of $4000. . .a lot more than a Lexus LS.

    I had an 07 and was FORCED to trade it on an 08. I took it in for the 30k mile service. The dealer ran some high pressure super duper MB approved fuel sys. cleaner thru it and the motor never ran the same. It wouldn't hold a steady idle, with a periodic misfire @ idle. After 7 or 8 trips back to the dealer where they kept the car for weeks at a time, I found out that they had torn the "top end" of the engine down AND STILL DIDN'T FIGURE IT OUT! Not wanting to own a car with a engine that had been torn down by the Insane Clown Posse, I traded it for a new one, taking a huge loss.

    These cars are complicated, finicky and require expensive service. They ride great, handle good and have more prestige than anything but a Bentley.

    A Lexus will always be better and that is what I am going to trade my S-Class as soon as I can. If you have a big ego (like me), get the Benz. If your smart get the Lexus.
  • Sounds like MBBS to me. There were some problems with the 07 S's because the infallible concerned engineers literally ran out of "alignment shims" and instead of holding up production, sent the cars to America without the shims. The figured they would fix them @ the dealer level. However, they never notified anyone, just waited for the customers to complain! When I complained, I had already ruined a set of front tires. Nice! :(
  • I purchased a 2006 S500 back in September and it also pulls to the right. I had the wheels aligned, but still pulls to the right but not as hard. I thought maybe this vehicle was in an accident, but the carfax didn't show any indication. I talked with the tech and he didn't see anything wrong with the front end. So I guess i'm stuck with it for a while.
  • prab1prab1 Posts: 1
    i bought car new in 2000
    the mass meter went bad after 4 yrs with 45000 miles
    warranty would not cover , i called the 800 number and wnted to speak to teh managera - i was told accourdign to policy they will not let me talk to the manager.
    upon my protest that Benz should not have such a part failure
    he replied - this is a 4 yr old car , parts fail, and this is not a benz part , it is by Bosch
    1 yr later the drvie door woudl not pull in.
    diagnosed that the vac pump is gone bad. did not make sense since the otehr 3 doors and the trunk lid pulled in fine.
    they replaced the vac pump/ motor
    still did not work
    they tool apart the door and after that it worked fine. ! was the vac pump bad -i do not think so
    3 yrs later, 8 yr old car with 50000 miles , the pasenger belt stuck - the belt aswswembly had to be replaced
    todl dealer - never heard the belt going bad on any car - he said they replace 2 - 3 every month
    My brother has s 500, he had the mass flow meter go bad on his too
    I am done buying Benz
    bad quality and bad service -
  • the left rear shock is dropping during night until the ext temp. have dropping at minest 20 celcius
    when i start the vehicule,the shock go up at is normal position
    anyone know what is the problem or where i can found the answer
    i don't want to go to the dealer
  • did ya ever find out what the deal was with youre mb not starting? was it the having similar issues but my mb wont attemt to start unti i finally get in to nuetral..and even then the sun roof seems like it doesnt have enough power to open up as fast as it used to..along with other all started with me leaving the key on the on position for about 2 days!!! any feedback besides me being a knuckle-head? :cry:
  • !! My air suspension failed on my 2003 Mercedes Benz S500.. What is the easiest way to fix this?!!! HELP!

    I haven't long gotten the car and now more money!! UGH
  • Hello Syndi,

    I have a 2000 Mercedes Benz S500. My suspension failed on me a few months ago. The dealers cost to fix my car was too expensive. I just didnt have thousands of dollars to throw out there. So I started doing some research online on how to fix it. Then I came across - they had suspension conversion kits. I gave them a call to see what they could do for me! They told me they could fix my car for 937.00! That price was amazing compared to the dealers.
  • So what did you do Harold. Did you get the conversion kit. How does it work. Hows the ride. Gosh so many questions!!!
  • Well at first I couldn't decide. I looked around many places for other options cause I wanted to make sure the decision I was making wasn't going to cost me more in the Long run. .. But in the end I ordered with for the conversion kit they offered for my vehicle. It was 937.00. Its very different though, The conversion kit eliminates the air but your vehicle wont ever have any air problems again. It brings the car back to regular ride height. I must say though best discussion I made because I cant tell no difference in anything. the ride is smooth and excellent!
  • ooh wow. well i definitely will consider strutmasters as one of my options. Thanks for all your help Harold! Very much appreciated.
  • no problem miss. I would recommend them to anyone. I hope you order with Strutmasters, they have some great products at a good value. Also excellend customer service team!
  • I had the same problems with my 2002 Mercedes S500. I got really tired of the air suspension failing on me then deciding it would work when it wanted to. I actually did the same thing, I went to and got one of those conversion kit and never have been happier with my product. Highly recommended . I was just happy it came with a Lifetime warranty.
  • i have a 03 Mercedes s500 . and that conversion kit was the best decision ive made. STRUTMASTERS really has a great kit that fixes all your problems. no air problems anymore at all.. Lifetime warranty. you be crazy not to do it.. Dealers are way to expensive.
  • jimmyjhnjimmyjhn Posts: 4
    Hello , I have a 03 Mercedes S430. My car is really special to me and it about killed me today when my rear was down on the ground when i got off work. Im thinking its a air bag or the airline. I just dont know though. Im not a car guy.

    Any suggestions would be great


  • ginanealginaneal Posts: 4

    The Name is Gina. Sounds like your air suspension was like my Mercedes. I have an 04 Mercedes S500 . My front went out in mine though. This cold weather where i am doesn't help mine. Thought about replacing it til i saw the price. If you do fix your car im telling you just go ahead and do away with the air suspension. Its some kind of piece of work.

  • jimmyjhnjimmyjhn Posts: 4
    What do you mean go ahead and do away with the air suspension . Dont i have to keep that?
  • ginanealginaneal Posts: 4
    a conversion kit... have you ever heard of one?
  • jimmyjhnjimmyjhn Posts: 4
    no i havent.. ive heard of something called a coil over but not a conversion kit
  • ginanealginaneal Posts: 4
    well basically that what a conversion kit is.. Its a coil over strut assembly that converts the whole vehicle over from the air. Its a lot better i think... the cost was affordable.
  • jimmyjhnjimmyjhn Posts: 4
    okay well thanks for the information. Im calling around now to check on prices to fix my air system.
  • ginanealginaneal Posts: 4
    ok but im telling you..... the prices for your air system is going to be very expensive.. goodluck with that.
  • bootsboybootsboy Posts: 1
    My 07 S550 is a frustration beyond words. It is the LEAST intuitive electronics I've ever seen. I've had 2 BMWs, 2 Lexus 400,430 and 3 Mercedes. Does "intuitive" not exist in the German language?

    The Ipod will make a grown man cry. Layer upon layer of options - push this, turn than, go forward with this, backward with that, press to select, whoops, start all over. Spare me.

    Some of the navigation "stuff" is on the screen nav, other is on the speedometer screen. Why not all Navigation on the nav screen? Like Lexus for example.

    While the world is going touch screen on Iphone, Ipad, MAC, Blackberry, you name it, good ole Merciless goes backward with an UNSAFE ipod instead of safe, intuitive easy to use touch screen.

    Why ruin a good car with UNintuitive UNsafe complicated Multiple Ipod gymnastics?
  • looking at a 2003 mercedes S430, with less than 70K miles. this will be first benz for us, and do not know if it is a good or reliable car. is this a good car overall or are we looking at non-stop repairs?
  • rockypaulrockypaul Posts: 104
    I've had several M-B's and still have our S-430 4-Matic.

    78,000 miles and the only problem has been a steering wheel air bag replacement on my dime.

    Great road car and get 25 mpg consistently.
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