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Toyota Highlander Electrical Problems

tcammhctcammhc Member Posts: 1
My cigarette lighter and other ac outlets in my car not working. I have verified that fuses are functioning correctly. What are my next steps to resolve the issue?


  • beachfish2beachfish2 Richmond VAMember Posts: 177
    What year is it? I haven't seen a cigarette lighter in years.

    Does ac = air conditioning, or do you have alternating current outlets?
  • chris227chris227 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 toyota highlander, the ac has been malfunctioning for a little while now. When you turn on the ac the heater comes on or it stays warm. If you turn the hot cold knob back and forth it will sometimes kick the ac on. However, today the gauge panel is out and the ac won't turn on at all and feels like the transmission is slipping out of gear. HELP...
  • rpell1rpell1 Member Posts: 4

    The problem is the contacts behind the temperature control dial. First step is to pull off the dial and, holding the stem from turning, tighten the lock nut. Test the system. If that doesn't work, the problem is deeper in the two connection to the dial control. If you're that handy, open it up and re-solder the leads. If not, you're at the mercy of the dealer.

    Good Luck.
  • johndilljohndill Member Posts: 1
    Hi Chris,

    I have a 2002 Highlander that seems to be having exactly the same problem. My temperature knob stopped working then today I lost all the gauges on my instrument panel as well as my radio, and air conditioning.

    What was causing your problem and what did you have to do to fix it?
  • santi1031santi1031 Member Posts: 1
    Hi, i have a 2005 highlander and i can put the windows down on the back door from the driver panel but to put them up i have to go to the back sits and put them up the bottom from the driver wont put the up but will roll the one from the front doors

    thank you for your time
  • moonlight293moonlight293 ILMember Posts: 23
    I have a '05 Highlander and only had the right rear window not function. From the driver's seat, it would go down but not up. I would have to get out and go to that door and use that door switch to bring the window back up. I took a chance that it was the master control switch and replaced it. Replacing it is a LOT more easy to do than taking the door panel off. You just gently pop it off with a flathead screwdriver and GENTLY disconnect the wire. You can find a used one on ebay, craigslist or go srounge one up in a junkyard. Lots of messed up vehicles out there with perfectly good parts. Just make sure you get one from same year and model. In my case, once replaced, everything worked perfectly. You don't even have to get one of the same color because you can switch plates.
  • roadrunner70roadrunner70 Member Posts: 241
    I have a 2002 hl and both rear windows will not go down. When I push the button on the driver's door, or on the rear door (either one) I hear a click, but nothing. It sounds just like when a window is up all the way and you click it to go up. It is the main control, or is the window stuck, as there are message boards which discuss that the window channel on these cars are also a problem. thanks, rr70
  • nstone101nstone101 Member Posts: 2
    Did any of you ever find a solution to the instrument panel/dash light dimmer problem on the Highlanders? I drive a 2001 highlander and I believe I shorted something or something just went bad. The clock, a/c climate control dimmer light, radio backlight, and dash instrument panel lights all turn off when headlights go on. Suddenly, I have the same problem as you, my dash lights are out when my headlights turn on, however, they work as usual when my headlights are off. The clock stays consistent with the time so it's never losing power, it's just the dimmer light or backlight(?). Is it that darn auto dimmer switch? That was kind of my guess since there isn't a manual dimmer switch. Before I start poking around every wire with a multimeter, I was really hoping someone might have found an answer to the problem. PLEASE HELP if someone has experienced this issue. Let me know what you did, what you heard, what they said, and how it turned out. Any info on this would be very helpful. I'm a broke college kid trying to figure this out without dropping $187 (that I dont have) on a auto dimmer switch that I don't know will fix my problem. I'm half tempted to go to radio shack and get a couple small LED's and a toggle switch, use a spare spot in the fuse box and run a string of speaker wire behind my gauges for a new makeshift dash light. I'd run the switch to fit to left of the steering wheel where there are spots to add lights and buttons like the security light, etc. ANY comments are greatly appreciated
  • farmerdafarmerda Member Posts: 1
    The ribbon cable (3 conductors) have come loose or detached caused by the nut behind the knob coming lose. You'll need to remove the cover arounf the radio and climate controls to get to the bolts that holds the assembly in the dash. When you get it all out you'll need to either resolder the connections back on or replace the 3 conductor ribbon with new wires. DON"T PAY TOYOTA $1000 to replace the board as they don't do soldering and that is the only way they will fix it! I just fixed mine this weekend and am going back to Toyota to get my $90 back for their diagnose that I already knew it didn't work and they know too !
  • rpell1rpell1 Member Posts: 4
    Control buttons screwed up. Open and Close arrows are not operational at all. Buttons 1 & 2 will open the moon roof as programmed but the C button not operational. Once open, the moon roof will only close when engine is shut goes into auto close. Any ideas?
  • jls808jls808 Member Posts: 1
    The lights come on like they should but the fan doesnt blow. Troubleshooting section of my owners manual shows no reference. Anyone else had this happen?
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