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Reliability on a 2008 Silverado

jakemedicjakemedic Member Posts: 5
edited July 2014 in Chevrolet
Good Day,
I am in the process of buying a 2008 Silverado 4x4 extended cab with the offroad Z package. Vehicle is CLEAN with 28k on it. I will be replacing a Toyota Tacoma that is being bought back due to frame rust by Toyota.

My question is just how bulletproof are Chevy's? My Tacoma was (with the frame rust exception), I put 100K on it with only brakes, tires and oil changes. I tend to keep my vehicles versus trading them every couple of years.

I love the truck, it is comfortable, nicely equipped and within my price range, but can I expect to drive it for 10 yrs and put 100K on it without much issue? It has the 5.3, LT2 package. My only complaint is the black seats that look like they will gather lint, but the easy fix is put seat covers on.....

Thank you in advance for your opinions, I sincerely appreciate it!!!!!




  • mechinc1mechinc1 Member Posts: 15
    You may never have any problems with this vehicle but I feel you will be disappointed after having the Toyota.
    We have equal amount of Toyota customers as we do GM owners and we dont see the Toyotas nearly as much as the GMs, except for brakes, oil changes and tires like you said. Fuel pumps and expensive rear brake jobs (every 20 - 30'000 kms) are the main thing that you see on GMs.
    What happened to the frame on your old truck. I grew up in Canada and worked there for most of my automotive career and I never seen a frame rust out on something that new???
  • jakemedicjakemedic Member Posts: 5
    According to Toyota, the company who made the frame failed to properly coat the frame when it was built. I kept my Tacoma CLEAN! and it still rusted out. Not the sheet metal mind you, but the frame....a lot thicker metal, but rusted badly! Hole the size of a 50 cent piece on the passenger side by the rear leaf spring bracket. They stood behind the product and I ended up with 11k versus a trip to the bone yard.

    My problem now is that I have not found anything in the market that I just could not live without. I am struggling with replacing the truck, although it goes away on Saturday. May end up pulling one of my 66 Chevy vans out of storage and driving it until I decide.

    You can find something more on the Toyota Tacoma forum either here or on "Toyota Nation".
  • jdc440exjdc440ex Member Posts: 2
    hello my name is john, i own a 2008 chevy silverado 4x4 z-71. so far its been a great truck other than a 3 water leaks that was a recall, and the cruise control is being fixed right now, it has 35,000 on it i bought it brand new and i love it. all cars are gonna have minor problems but im proud to drive a chevy i used to be a ford guy but i love that chevy. and i dont think you will be dissappointed at all to drive and american product. you should be proud i will push my chevy before i will ever drive a toyota, honda, nissan, hyndia or how ever you spell it. bud good luck with ur new truck you will love it.
  • mechinc1mechinc1 Member Posts: 15
    Well most of those Import vehicles you are harping on EMPLOY many North Americans!
    And you will definitely be pushing your Chev as those "other" driver's are passing your vehicle on the side of the road! Happy motoring....Or should I say....Happy pushing!
  • mtiffmtiff Member Posts: 1
    I would seriously do some research on the 5.3L. There are some issues with some of the engines, but not all of them.
  • jdc440exjdc440ex Member Posts: 2
    if you like japan so much why dont u move there? they will appreciate those foreign pos cars and trucks over there!
  • mechinc1mechinc1 Member Posts: 15
    And while were at it why dont we take all the jobs that those POS car maker's give the good people of North American's.
    I didnt see Toyota or Honda or any of the other Import automakers taking bail outs from Govt. Oh that's right.....They actually make GOOD cars and basically every car that comes off the line is already sold, unlike the endless football stadium sized fields of GMs and Chrysler that are brand new and will sit there and rust out, cause consumers are sick and tired of buying junk that you have to fix almost weekly/monthly.......While the owner's of those POS cars call every 3 months to get just an oil change....
    You keep driving your Government owned vehicle....Your mechanic will love taking your hard earned money from you.
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    edited February 2010
    Toyota makes good cars? That has got to be the best joke of the year. Toyota is having the worst year in its history being drowned in recalls, unintended acceleration with no fix in sight. Seriously, I'm glad I don't own one of those things.

    Talk about some serious devaluation.
  • jweston84jweston84 Member Posts: 2
    i have a 2008 gmc sierra 4.8 1500 crew cab with 48,000 on it. the only problem i have had with it is now. the transmission is acting up a bit. of course i really treat it bad to. you know kinda like they do on the comercials except all the time. it is a work truck and as far as power wise the 4.8 isnt that much different than the 5.3. anyway the truck is the best i have ever owned . the stability system is awesome to especially if your drunk. you know im not a ford,toyota,chevy,dodge,or whatever kind of vehichle lover i just like what i like, all vehicles have their problems whether its transmision, frame rust or whatever
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