Climate Control Problems with 2010 Forester

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I have less than 1000 miles on my new Forester.

The climate control does not work, whether I use auto or manual settings. Even if it is set at 65, it is almost 80 in the car. I have confirmed this with a recently purchased indoor/outdoor thermometer. I have had to drive around with the windows open, since it is either almost 80, or the outdoor temperature of 30, etc., in the car. The heat blows at over 110 degrees. It is hotter than my hair dryer at times. I have taken it back twice, including two days after I got the car.

They don't have an answer yet.

And yes, I do know how to operate the controls.


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    Ask the dealer to escalate it to the regional reps.

    Ours works fine. In fact the climate control works a lot quicker than in our minivan, perhaps due to the huge interior.
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    This might help unless you already read through it. TL;DR read the last page with the hair dryer thing.

    Just curious, what model year is your "new Forester"?
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    I have had three Subaru's a 05 Outback, 06 Tribeca and now, for one year now a 09 Forester. The climate control on these vehicles "suck" and my 09 is the worst of the bunch. Let me clarify that. AC no problem. Gets plenty of heat, quickly, but that is the problem.

    It is very difficult to control if you want just a little heat. Either way too much or not enough. I have tried every which way, using it on manual or on auto. Even the dealer agrees it is a very poor system in that respect..
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